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Fine Art Boudoir Premium Tutorial

create artistic & tasteful boudoir images

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Execute a beautiful boudoir shoot from start to finish! This workshop includes:

  • 7 Hours of HD Video Instruction
  • Full Exercise Files
  • Total File Size: 11.4GB

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Boudoir Basics and Beyond

Master Posing, Lighting, and Post-Production

Gorgeous Effects with
Inexpensive Gear

No matter if you're shooting with a Canon 5D Mark III or a Canon Rebel, create beautifully professional boudoir images without having to break the bank.

Master Advanced
Retouching Techniques

Get an in depth look on the post production aspect of fine art boudoir images. Go through all the steps of RAW image processing in Lightroom as well as a complete step-by-step of the retouching process for two full images in Photoshop so that your final images can be ready for enlargement.

Guidelines on Client
Interaction & Comfort

In order to conduct a smooth and successful shoot, knowing how to work with and accommodating your model is essential. Not only see what different ways you can pose your female subject, but also get tips on how you can be aware of certain micro adjustments on the arms and body that become necessary in composing a stunning photo.

Additional Boudoir Images

1. Introduction

2. Planning the Shoot

3. The Gear

4. Location & Challenges

5. Scene One

5.1 - Lighting

5.2 - Posing & Angles

5.3 - Lightroom

5.4 - Photoshop

6. Scene Two

6.1 - Lighting

6.2 - Posing & Angles

6.3 - Lightroom

6.4 - Photoshop

7. Scene Three

7.1 - Lighting

7.2 - Posing & Angles

7.3 - Lightroom

7.4 - Photoshop

8. Scene Four

8.1 - Lighting

8.2 - Posing & Angles

8.3 - Lightroom

8.4 - Photoshop

9. Experimenting & Conclusion

Michael Long
July 20, 2016

Great Resource. He uses basic strobes and approachable/affordable tools to create great images. Helped a ton on my first boudoir shoot last weekend. Thanks again Pye for another great resource. This is another reason to love SLR Lounge.
David Owen
April 24, 2016

This is a great video that builds on the Lighting Series.. with the planning and problems encountered on location shooting. The equipment used and the thought process.. The only thing i wish is that they had a "List" of Expendable items used.. ie. What they used to make the water "milky" and Real vs Fake flowers .. The Body Shoot is another Great Video to get for Ideals.. especially on the set up of the shoot,
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