We are excited to announce our latest premium tutorial, Fine Art Boudoir | The Earthen Bathtub. This tutorial will teach photographers how to execute a beautiful boudoir shoot from start to finish. We cover planning, lighting, posing, overcoming challenges, post production and more!

Fine Art Boudoir Trailer


What You’ll Learn

Gorgeous Effects with Inexpensive Gear – All of the images taken in this tutorial can be achieved with standard equipment. So, whether you have a Canon 5D Mark III or a Canon Rebel, we can show you how to create beautifully professional boudoir images without having to break the bank for expensive gear.

Master Advanced Retouching Techniques – This tutorial will help provide you with an in-depth look on the post production of fine art boudoir images. The videos with take you through all the steps of RAW image processing in Lightroom as well as guiding you through the┬áretouching of two full images in Photoshop so that your final images can be ready for enlargement.

Guidelines on Client Interaction & Comfort – In order to conduct a smooth and successful shoot, knowing how to work with and accommodating your model is essential. Not only do we show you different ways to┬ápose your female subject, but we also help you to be aware of certain micro adjustments on the arms and body that become necessary in composing a stunning photo.

Sample Images from the Boudoir Workshop