Ask any photographer – it’s an interesting time in the industry, doubly so if you are just now trying to get established. Racing camera technology, including that of smartphones, has taken the photography world by storm, putting high-quality imagery in the hands of just about anyone with a half-decent sense of composition.

And then there’s the work where little to no artistry is even required to make an image that will sell – especially if it’s a celebrity. While there are still top photographers getting work for things like editorial spreads involving celebrities, renowned celebrity photographer Tyler Shields has some words from the frontline to shed light on the current situation for both aspiring and established celebrity photographers.

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Celebrity photography is dead. He sites the ubiquitous smartphone, plaguing photography business at all levels, as a major force for change. Celebrities are likely to have this state-of-the-art technology in their pocket, and as Shields says, no one can provide as intimate of a depiction of their lives as the subjects themselves. Instagram et al. have provided a window like never before into the inner worlds of celebrities.

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Shields isn’t all doom and gloom, however. While some members of the photo community have been up in arms about celebrities such as Brooklyn Beckham and Kendall Jenner becoming photographers and getting actual photo gigs like advertising campaigns and editorial shoots, Shields is happy for them and recognizes that photography has long been a pursuit of the privileged.

He reminds us that we’ve always got to push harder, do better and find a way stand out. It’s the way it’s always been and now it’s more important than ever before as more and more photographers, both amateur and pro, push to get their work out in the world.

Check out the video below and hear everything Tyler Shields has to say about the state of the industry for a celebrity photographer. What are your thoughts?