In the normal realm of cameras (not the likes of the Hasselblad X1D or Leica M10), the most coveted cameras of 2017 and currently in 2018 are undeniably the Sony A7Riii and Nikon D850, and the Canon 5D Mark IV still tops Canon’s list of most wanted.

While the A7Riii is basically a Crusader, converting users left and right to the Sony religion, the D850 and 5D Mark IV are pillars. Together they represent the best one can buy from each company (which is why in our latest contest we’re letting you choose one of the three you want most), which of course draws comparison on each detail. Dan and Sally Watson have put together a good practical look at all of these units to assist you in reaching your own overall conclusion.

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From dynamic range tests to skin tone rendering, buffer performance and ergonomics, AF tracking and button placement, live view performance and coloration, this is a good overview of all cameras coming from the same voices whilst using each in the same environment simultaneously.

Stating the above is partially a preface to acknowledging that these aren’t clinically controlled tests and some of the conclusions are opinion based on their usage. I, for example, don’t have the same praise or qualms with the cameras they do, but that’s good. For those of you who have familiarized yourself with the technical facets of each unit, many of the thoughts offered up here are, frankly, the benefit of first hand experience using a wide gamut of cameras in rapid succession. Reviewers like us, Dan and Sally and so forth are fortunate to be able to do this, and perhaps it is in that vein where you’ll derive most of the applicable benefit.

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Check it out and show some love to Dan and Sally. Let us know what you like best and what you’re hoping for next. Of course I’d be remiss not to remind you to enter our giveaway that lets you choose between an A7Riii, D850, and Canon 5D Mark IV. Click here for that.

You can find more good stuff from Dan’s YouTube, LearningCameras.