Jessica Kobeissi makes it no secret that she’s always been a big fan of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). Recently, she released a video documenting her reactions to what the internet thinks are the WORST photoshoots of the entire series.

The Worst Photoshoots in the History of America’s Next Top Model

We can’t all get it perfect 100% of the time, not even America’s Next Top Model! So Jessica Kobeissi recently took it upon herself to weigh in on an important issue circulating the fashion photography community: The worst ever photoshoots of ANTM!

Jessica starts off way back in 2003, reviewing photoshoots such as the shoot titled ‘Fashion Victims’, depicting the models getting chased around a house by a spooky, fashion-forward ghost. Jessica says the lighting isn’t so bad, but there’s definitely some oversaturation in the skin tones of the models…

When Jessica moves on to the next photoshoot, she can tell that “somebody really had fun with the clarity slider.” Needless to say, the photo doesn’t look great… The model is a little stiff and the shot looks too posed—no amount of photo effects can fix that.

Jessica really runs through the gauntlet in this video, providing her feedback on photoshoots with superhero themes to photoshoots for the covers of romance novels. But times have changed, and photography has changed along with it. It’s no surprise some of these photoshoots didn’t age well.

Be sure to check out the video above and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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