No matter how much some of you may try to kid yourselves that you’re all about photography as an art and not a business, if you aren’t working elsewhere to provide income to cover your living expenses, it’s very much a business. You may be an artist at heart, but it’s the business that allows you to practice your art and sustain yourself and maybe a family.

That said, artists don’t always make the most effective business people, and like SEO, something as fundamental as understanding pricing and the psychology of the sale so often overlooked in terms of importance. If you were to Google, “psychology of the sale,” you’ll end up with decades worth of reading, and probably a lot of YouTube clips featuring Alec Baldwin, or Leonardo DiCaprio selling a pen. That’s all well and good, but listening to people who are successful at the business of photography is probably more poignant; people like our own Pye with Lin & Jirsa Photography, and Sal Cincotta, to name a few.



If you’ve been on the photography circuit for any length time, Sal is a name you’re likely acquainted with. Sal Cincotta Photography is synonymous with WPPI awards, Creative Live and encompasses several brands. In 2007, his gross sales were less than $50K; today his business is a million dollar brand. His past employment at Microsoft has no doubt given Sal brilliant corporate insight and makes it easier to understand why he is a hugely sought after photography business consultant. In the video herein, he gives you ten free minutes of his time where he encompasses what would probably take you tens of hours to pick from multiple sources.

He speaks of the strategy behind offering fewer package options, why to introduce your highest package first, and more. No matter where you are in your business, this will likely excite you and entice you to learn more. I would recommend our somewhat recent interview with Jeff & Lori from Indigo Silver Studios where you are sure to learn a tremendous amount – the approach is different but also effective. See the video below and link to the full article here.

If you are wanting to take SEO by the horns and wield it as a magnet for clients, you may want to check out the SEO & Web Marketing Guide to give some Miracle Grow to your studio online.

You can find more from Sal on his site.

Here’s the clip with Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross, to save you the search.