We recently uploaded a video and article called 5 Reasons Photographers Should NOT Email Out Price Sheets. There was a lot of great conversation and debate around the topic, so I wanted to create a follow-up video to help answer your questions and address common misconceptions when it comes to sales and the client service experience. I would highly recommend you read or watch that prior video before jumping into this one.

Heads up, in this video I’m going to speak to each of you as a friend. For me, I value friends that are open and brutally honest. As I address each of your questions and comments, I will use that same approach because I want each of you to succeed in your craft and business. These thoughts and experiences come from over 20 years of sales experience working for others, as well as operating my own successful companies. Once you watch the video, I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Main Video – “A Brutally Honest Conversation on Pricing and Sales”

Previous Video – “Don’t Send Out Price Lists”

Read the full pricing article here.

How to Learn About Pricing and Sales

If you’re interested in learning more about pricing and sales, please see our Business Training System here. This 4 part series includes the following courses:

  1. WORKSHOP 1 | THE PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS PLAN – Runtime: 7 Hours 32 Minutes
  2. WORKSHOP 2 | PRICING AND PRODUCT DESIGN – Runtime: 8 Hours 21 Minutes
  4. WORKSHOP 4 | SALES AND CLOSING – Runtime: 8 Hours 54 Minutes