Elena-Shumilova-2 With 60 million+ views, no doubt you’ve seen photos by Russian photographer Elena Shumilova. We featured her work last year in this article right as her images were going viral. Her documentation of her two sons, Yaroslav and Vanya, growing up, exploring and experiencing their childhood outside on their farm was nothing short of magical and captured the hearts of those who saw the images. With the masterful use of light, emotion and nostalgia, Elena created images of her sons as they are – carefree, wild, and happy.


A few years ago, Elena moved her family into the countryside, away from the noise of the city so that her boys could explore and experience life at a slower pace, closer to nature. The quieter life suited them well and Elena documented their everyday adventures. Now, Elena just welcomed her third son, Petr and for the first time, allowed the outside world in a little bit through this short film by SmugMug where she allows us a glimpse of her little farm in the country.



Elena-Shumilova-12In this first video, we get to see Elena at work, photographing her boys as they run around, being boys.

When it comes to creating my photos, it’s a balance of control over the situation, the story, the composition, and then losing that control and letting that situation play out naturally…I think we all need to see something real and to let the heroes act on their own.


Elena-Shumilova-10 Elena-Shumilova-11Since her photos went viral, you can imagine the amount of letters Elena has received asking her for advice and praising her work. In the second video, Elena shares 4 tips on photographing children, including how to get the kids to look natural and not posed, capturing kids of different ages, what types of clothes work the best, and photographing your kids with pets.

These tips (including a bonus 5th tip) is on the SmugMug blog where you can read more about Elena and see more of her wonderful work.

See more of Elena’s photos and buy prints: https://elenashumilova.smugmug.com



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