Brian Gaberman– photographer and advocate for the brand, Element— was given one assignment by the company: to capture what he sees in his journey. That’s it, no brief, no outline, or goal.

I arrived in New York, a blank canvas,” Gaberman explains. “I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to capture anything. There’s nothing more terrifying then being given unlimited freedom.

In The Road to Wolfeboro, Gaberman is enlisted by Element to capture his visual journey applying the artistic and raw approach of wet plate collodion photography. In the eight-and-a-half-minute documentary, Gaberman travels from the busy streets of New York to the simple rural town of Wolfeboro, NH, capturing everything from city parks to decaying wood cabins.

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While watching the film, you see a lot of yourself as a photographer come alive through Gaberman. How we are constantly on the hunt for something, but don’t know exactly what that something is, or the fear and pressure we put on ourselves for not getting that one shot. Bottom line is, it happens to all of us, whether you shoot portraits of families on weekends, capture exotic landscapes for a national publication, or photograph the towering buildings and streets of a city. It’s about setting your fear aside, and letting your instincts flourish.

You can watch The Road to Wolfeboro below:



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