While I was at PhotoPlus Expo last week, I took a few minutes to stop and listen to Joe McNally speak at the Nikon booth. Having never been to one of Joe’s lectures, I have to say the few minutes that I watched him present summed up everything I’ve always thought about the man. He was personable, an enthusiastic teacher, and you could feel his passion for photography in the way he spoke. After only a few minutes, I had to get back to running around the trade show floor covering the event for SLR Lounge, but I found myself wanting to hear more of what Joe had to say, so when I got back from PPE, I went looking on YouTube to see if he had published any new content to whet my appetite. Luckily, for us, he had.


Now that Halloween has come and gone, don’t let those costumes go to waste! Take a cue from Joe McNally and make creative images with them. In the video below, Joe takes us behind the scenes of creating an awesome one of a kind enchanted forest themed image using some those Halloween costumes in the process.


If you’re looking for a more low-key approach to getting the most out of your Halloween costumes and decor, check out this round up of Halloween photography tips that you can put to use year round. Of course, you’ll still need to hang on to all of your spooky gear in order to do it.


Nikon D810

Nikon 14-24 f/2.8



While this video is not chock full of technical behind the scenes information, I think what we can all take away from this video is the importance of having a vision, and working together as a team. It’s clear to see Joe had a vision of the final image he wanted to create, and while none of us know Joe’s exact vision, based on what he explained in the beginning of the video, I think his final shot really reflects his initial idea. The other thing that I think is forgotten all the time is that most, if not all, successful photo projects need a great team. It’s clear to see in this video that Joe put together a solid team to help him with both the technical and vision sides of the project. Seeing videos like this makes me want to put together more creative projects, to push myself, and meet more creative people in our field to create one of kind images.

A big thank you to B&H Photo for sponsoring our team at PhotoPlus, and making it possible for us to have a successful event covering as much floor space as we could in just a couple days.

Via: Joe McNally Youtube Page

Images captured via screen grab