Picktorial Innovations, Ltd. is excited to announce that Picktorial 4, its renowned non­-destructive photo editing platform for Mac, is faster than ever ­ and is now available for free download at Picktorial.com.

About the Company:

Picktorial is an Israel-based startup, founded by three entrepreneurs with diverse academic and industrial experience. Picktorial makes innovative technologies accessible to the photography market by developing user-friendly products powered by state­ of ­the­ art image processing platforms and algorithms.

Hailed as the “true Apple Aperture replacement,” Picktorial is also filling the void left by Picasa, offering a wide array of photo management and advanced editing tools for free. With its revolutionary user experience and simplified interface, beginners and pros alike to can bring their visions to life with ease.

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Main features of the free plan include:

  • Fully capable photo organizer (DAM). Lightning fast search, albums, saved searches, sorting, flagging and rating systems, keywords, metadata editing, and more.

  • Redesigned browser. Faster performance and better experience with a customizable layout.

  • High Resolution image support. Up to 100­megapixel files.
  • Dual Layer non­-destructive JPEG editing. Saves all editing info within the image file. Adjust any edit later on, or easily revert back to the original.
  • Native browsing of Aperture libraries. No conversion needed.
  • Smart extension for macOS Photos. Non­destructive pro­level editing while recalling positions of sliders and masks, even after closing Photos.
  • Tabs and assistant viewer. Compare multiple files while editing, live.
  • Lightroom plugin. Fully enjoy Picktorial within your current platform.
  • NAS, external drive, and cloud storage support. Automatic syncing of adjustments over ethernet, WiFi, and Dropbox­-like storage so you can continue to work seamlessly anywhere.
  • Advanced JPEG and TIFF editing. (RAW editing available through Picktorial Premium).
  • Up to 2 adjustment layers per image. Unique color and luminosity masks, skin smoothing brush, blending modes and more (unlimited local adjustments through Picktorial Premium).
  • Edge Aware brush. Enables precise selections.


Some Before & After Examples


The company has also introduced Picktorial Premium, which adds a proprietary class leading RAW engine, advanced control and improved productivity through Batch Editing, Quick Albums, and unlimited adjustment layers.


The premium version is offered with the following plans:

  • Annual subscription of $4.99/mo (50% savings) including all product updates.
  • Monthly subscription of $9.99/mo (paid monthly) including all product updates.
  • Perpetual license at $69.99 with one year of free maintenance updates.
  • Existing customers can subscribe at $39.99/year until February 28th, 2019.


These videos demonstrate how three new demo photos were edited in Picktorial 4, and include all the adjustments so you can easily follow step by step.



You can find these photos in the “Demo Photos” folder and mess around with all the edits yourself (If the photos aren’t there, you might need to upgrade to the latest version of Picktorial here).

For those who have been Apple Aperture hold outs, this could be a good alternative to Adobe if you’re not ready to make the jump quite yet. I’ve not personally had a chance to test this software out yet, but I’d love to hear from those of you who have. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the application or ask any questions you may have.