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26 Sep 2020

Taking Great Photos ≠ Being Successful In Business.  Even some of the best photographers in the world struggle with business.  Let us guide you in your photography journey as we tackle the toughest aspects of running a successful photography business, regardless of genre, niche, or location.

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Important | How to Access This Course

For New Students – Purchase this course on our new platform slrloungeworkshops.com.  This new platform is an upgraded user experience, with more reliable streaming and other highly requested features.

For Previous Purchasers and Legacy Premium Members  – If you purchased this workshop prior to the launch of slrloungeworkshops.com, we sent you an email with instructions on how to access the course on the new and improved platform. If you did not receive an email, please email help@slrlounge.com from the email you used to make the purchase and we’ll resend the instructions.

You may still access the course on the old platform until July 31, 2019. To continue using the old platform until that date, please use the following links: 101, 201, 301, 401.

Workshop Includes

4 Full Workshops
101 – The Photography Business Plan
201 – Photography Pricing and Product Design
301 – Marketing & SEO for Photographers
401 – How to Book Photography Clients (Sales)
Bonus – 3 Advanced Marketing PDFs40 Contracts, Templates, Workbooks and More!

Key Concepts

In this workshop, the most comprehensive business training system for photographers on the market, we share ALL of our strategies, templates, and workflows that we’ve used over the past decade, to build one of the most profitable photography studios – Lin and Jirsa. Let us help you build the photography business of your dreams.

  • Complete Photography Business Training System
  • Start And Run The Business Of Your Dreams
  • 4 Comprehensive Business Related Workshops
  • 30+ Hours of Videos, Templates & Workbooks
  • Build A Sound Photography Business Plan
  • Create a Powerful Marketing & SEO Strategy
  • Learn Pricing and Packaging for Profit
  • Master The Art of Selling (Without Being Salesy)
  • Maintain A Sustainable, Thriving Business
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40 Workbook Downloadables & Resources

Education is Useless Without Action. Follow Our Framework With Our Workbooks and Resources.

Operations & Pricing Workbooks

  • Gear & Software Purchasing Guide
  • Competition Analysis (SWOT)
  • Profit and Loss Forecast & Sample
  • Pricing Calculators
  • Mentor Contact Tracking Sheet

Sample Contracts & Email Templates

  • Client Agreement Contract
  • 2nd Shooter/Assistant Contracts
  • Model Release
  • Mentor Contact Email Template
  • Vendor Image Delivery Template

Marketing Checklists & Workbooks

  • Client Persona Template
  • Website Page Content List
  • Guest Publishing List
  • Photographer Features List
  • Photography Directories List
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Course 1 Of 4 | The Photography Business Plan

Runtime: 6h 11m

Myth: “I Can Just Figure Things Out Along The Way”
A successful business starts with a solid blueprint and a clear vision. Passionate photographers often jump into business without researching the market, setting their mission statement, and establishing a legitimate, well-protected business.

Create A Business Plan
Learn how to choose your a focus within photography, create an Executive Summary, identify your marketing message, and more.

Understand Your Market
Conduct a SWOT Analysis to analyze your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and well as opportunities and threats in the market.

Set Up Your Business RIGHT
Understand all aspects of your Business, including insurance, accounting, contracts, financial reporting, and more.

Course 2 Of 4 | Photography Pricing & Product Design

Runtime: 8h 21m

Myth: “My Clients Just Won’t Pay That Much”
Course 2 helps you to design products and services that your target market will actually purchase! Your product isn’t simply the photos you capture, but rather the entire brand experience!

Create The Perfect Experience
Your product experience begins with a website visit and extends beyond image delivery. Let us help you perfect the process.

Understand Pricing Psychology
Understand how to craft packages to appeal to your target audience with concepts like price anchors, consumer vs luxury pricing, and more.

Maximize Profitability
Is your most popular package/product your most profitable one? Learn how to maximize profitability by using our pricing calculators.

Course 3 Of 4 | Marketing & SEO For Photographers

Runtime: 8h 54m

Myth: “I Need To Spend Money On Marketing For Leads”

The best product can’t sell if people aren’t seeing it. Course three is all about eyeballs. We’re going to give you a four-prong, comprehensive approach to marketing that is far beyond anything you’ve ever seen.

Book Your First Client
Learn how to market to your first clients, even without an established brand or portfolio.

Never Pay For Advertising
Master our strategies for creating assets that attract leads without spending money.

SEO & Web Marketing
Understand the best SEO and web marketing practices to sustainably grow your business.

Course 4 Of 4 | How To Book Photography Clients

Runtime: 8h 35m

Myth: “I Need To Be Pushy & Outgoing To Book Clients”
Sales isn’t about selling something a client doesn’t want. (That’s simply manipulation). Sales is designed to give your clients the exact photography product that they are already seeking!

Learn Sales Techniques
Learn universal sales and communication techniques and see how they are applied specifically to photography clients.

Understand Your Clients’ Needs
Our WAVE (Wall Art Vision Exercise) is our studio’s secret to understanding exactly what our clients are looking for, helping us not only sell to them better, but to also photograph them better.

Practice Sales Calls & Meetings
Follow our exercises and case studies to practice your sales calls and meetings so that you can book clients and close the sale.

Advanced Marketing PDFs (Bonus)

Amplify your business with these three advanced marketing strategies.

Get Leads & Instagram Followers With Giveaways
Learn one of our biggest secrets to generating thousands of leads and new Instagram followers in a single month with a low-cost, high-return strategy of photo session promotional giveaways.

Create A Client Inquiry Machine With Lead Magnets
Learn how to create valuable resources catered to your target market in order to create a passive, lead generation machine.

Convert Leads To Clients With Email Funnels
Learn how to create a series of automated emails to convert your leads into clients through feeding them information and education.

Join Thousands Of Photographers

This workshop is transforming the businesses of thousands already!  See how our students from various genre’s of photography in different parts of the country are building the photography business of their dreams in this video.

“2018 Is my break out 1st year as a full time wedding photographer and to say its been a success would be an understatement.
Without your guidance there is no way on this green earth i would be where i am today.”

– Ray Sawyer

“I binge watched the whole thing. I have been behind my computer working on my website and my neck is crippled from it but I still feel empowered by Pye’s roadmap. You are great in this class and thanks to the students too..”

– Barbara Farley

“I paid a business coach a pretty penny to get LESS information then what’s being offered in this business course. I’m recommending it to everyone I know!”

– Crystal Stewart


Course One – The Photography Business Plan

Expectations & Aspirations
Common Myths & Unknown Truths
Know the Road Ahead
The Lin and Jirsa Journey
Part Time, Full Time, Employed…
Respect Yourself, Stop Wasting Time
Your Business Roadmap & Guide
Strategy & Planning
Great Plans Still Fail
Strategy Vs. Planning
The Business Plan Summary
The Power Of Mind Mapping
Step 1: Select A Focus
Step 2: Basic Market Research
Step 3: S.W.O.T. Analysis
Step 4: Target Market Personas
Step 5: Values. Vision. Mission.
Step 6: Creating Goals
Effectively Managing Your Time
Artist Development
Time To Catch Up
Creating Your Plan
Six Great Ways To Master…
Business Administration
Selecting The Entity + Registering…
Liability + Insurance
Protect Yourself With Contracts
Why You Need Accounting
Good Data = Good Decisions
Using The Gear And IT Guide

Course Two – Photography Pricing & Product Design

Your Product & Target Market
What’s Your Product?
Luxury vs. Consumer Products
Econ 101: Elasticity vs. Inelasticity
Aiming For A Luxury Experience
Your Clarified Message
Brand Message Case Studies
Creating Your Brand Experience
What’s In A Name?
Your Client “Why”
Crafting The “Why” Experience
Document The Client Experience
Launching Your Web Presence
Register Domains + Social Accounts
Creating The Logo + Branding
Your Website’s Landing Page
Your Portfolio Design
Dude, Where’s Your Blog?
Designing Your Packages + Pricing
Pricing Fears & Myths
Design Your Services/Packages
Three Pricing Methods
Package Pricing Psychology
Psychology Of Numbers
Good, Better, Best
Building A Simple Price Guide
The Biggest Mistake You’ll Make
Deals & The Minimum Pricing

Course Three – Marketing & SEO For Photographers

Grass Roots & Network Marketing
Grass Roots & Network Marketing
The Empty Party
Your First Brand Ambassadors
The Listing/Classified Hustle
Service Trades (TFP/MM)
Social Media Made Super Simple
Making Instagram Simple
Your Automated Pinterest Plan
Facebook…Because You Must
Social Media Guide
Content Marketing & SEO
What is Content Marketing?
The Monster: SEO
Selecting Your Keywords
Testing Your Keywords
Grouping Main/Niche Goals
Sample Keyword Strategy
Your Content Roadmap
How To Craft Resources
How To Blog
Under The Hood Of SEO (Reference)
Common Sense Link Building
Internal Linking Basics
Backlink Building Basics
Link Value Factors
Measuring Link Value
Knowing Nofollow
Link Building Plan: Strategy
Link Building Plan: Guest Writing
Link Building Plan: Features
Link Building Plan: Directories
Link Building Plan: Comments
Link Building Plan: One Simple Tool
Advanced Tips + Email Funnels
Giveaway/Styled Shoots
Creating Lead Magnets
Creating Email Funnels

Course Four – How To Book Photography Clients

Fundamentals + Human Psychology
Concrete vs. Flexible
Time To Get In The Ring
Your Worst Enemy
What Is Sales?
Simple Human Needs
Basic “Buyer” Psychology
Frame Control
Setting Anchors
Cognitive Dissonance
Sales As A Simple Step-By-Step Framework
Your First Failure
The Sales Process
Your Second Failure
Step 0: Building Rapport + Trust
Step 1: Identify The Need/Want
Step 2+3: The Solution
Step 4: Close, Make The Ask
Step 5: Follow Up, Resolve Concerns
Role Play > The Framework
Mastering The Phone
Ring Time, Part II
Timing Is Everything
Phone Objectives
How Phone Sales Differ
Body Language Still Matters
The Sing Song Voice
Desire, Scarcity + Urgency
Scripts + Role Playing
Fine Tuning Sales Skills
The Best Sales Person
Eight Reasons You Don’t Close
Change Your Mindset/Frequency
Dual Process
It’s Not About The Features
Always Positive, Always Affirming
The Second Money
Chumming The Price Waters
Forbidden Words
Objections + Q&A

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