Inspired and directed by the work of L. Renee Blount ( Peak Design has teamed up with Sony & BorrowLenses to provide pro-level gear grants for three Black photographers or filmmakers. To be considered for a grant, potential grantees are required to fill out an application between now (August 18) and September 1. Grant recipients will be announced during the week of September 7 and will be awarded the following gear:

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Why is Peak Design spearheading these grants?
For most, the road to becoming a full-time professional photographer is long and bumpy. One especially big pothole is professional-level gear. It’s pricey. And while nice gear is not the defining factor in going pro, it can certainly be a critical level-up.

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Recently, Peak Design asked L Renee Blount to share her experiences being a Black photographer and climber. As part of her response, Renee challenged brands in the outdoor and photography industry to grant more gear to aspiring Black photographers. In L’s words, “if you want to see more people of color in outdoor photography, lower the barrier.”

We called our friends up at Sony and BorrowLenses and put together 3 full professional kits—full-frame camera/lens, bags, tripod, straps/clips, and credit for future gear rental. These grants are intended to help 3 aspiring Black photographers or videographers (of any experience level) level-up their gear.

Application and eligibility details can be found here

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