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MagBeam By MagMod | First Impressions Of The New Kickstarter Project

By Easton Reynolds on March 1st 2016


Every once in a while the photo industry is graced with a product that completely changes the game. MagMod was that product with its use of magnets to create a simple and effective speedlite modifier. After two extremely successful Kickstarter campaigns, they are back to launch their brand new modifier, the MagBeam. This could change everything.

Check out their new Kickstarter here to see the promo video. Their Kickstarter hit their goal in less than an hour!

MagBeam Kickstarter

The Magbeam

The MagBeam by MagMod is a new fresnel-lens modifier that gives you increased power output, and a light pattern with a super hard edge. You can also use projection masks (gobos/cookies) that allow you to project light patterns on your subject. The MagBeam allows you to shape light in a fast, easy, and simple package.

The MagBeam comes with a telephoto lens for a laser-like precision beam with 2 to 3 additional stops of light output. Finally, a modifier that adds light output rather than take it away. In the image below, you can see how adding the MagBeam allows you to place your speedlites much further away from the subject because of the increased power.

MagBeam Increased Output

Here are a few examples using the MagBeam with the telephoto lens.


Image By LuRey Photography

Image By LuRey Photography


Image By LuRey Photography

MagBeam features

Two to three more stops of light – The MagBeam’s special lenses collimate light (which is a fancy word for “making light travel in a straight line”) that increases total flash output by 2 to 3 stops. This allows you to have your flash much further away from your subject without increasing the power. No more removing your Light stand in post! The best part about this for me is that I can use the extra power to overpower the sun during the day (which is priceless).

Variable spotlight pattern – When fully extended, the MagBeam gives you super-focused light with a hard edge, similar to a stage spotlight. Collapse the MagBeam down one or two stages to create a wider beam pattern while retaining the beautiful shape and crisp edges. Wherever you need the light to be, the MagBeam has you covered.

Gobo-projecting thing-of-wonder – Collapse the MagBeam down, swap in a wide-angle lens, and add the custom MagMasks and now have the ability to project several different light patterns onto your subject. MagMasks are our paper-thin custom-made stainless steel ‘gobos’ that ‘go between’ your flash and the lens in the MagBeam. This pattern is then imaged through the lens and projected out where you want it to go.

MagBeam Kit

Magbeam add-ons

In addition to adding a crazy amount of power to your speedlite, you can also add their Wide Lens along with their MagMasks to create images that were not possible until now. I can’t tell you how many shoots I have done where I was looking for a sliver of light from the sun on a building or surrounding area. With the new MagMasks, it’s like carrying a bunch of sun patterns around in your pocket! Check out the images below that were created using the MagBeam and its add-ons.

MagBeam - 01


MagBeam - 15

MagBeam - 10

MagBeam - 03

MagBeam - 04

MagBeam - Photo by Tony Hoffer

Image By Hoffer Photography


Image By Imagine Photography

My Thoughts

I have had the MagBeam for a few months now and love it, but have not had the chance to use the MagMasks with it yet. From the looks of the images produced, I can say I’m excited to try the MagMasks out this wedding season! The possibilities seem endless.

The extra 2-3 stops of lights are worth the price alone. With MagMasks adding the ability to create light patterns, I’m sold!

The only drawback I experienced was that I found it hard to aim the light at my couple when it was fully extended with the Tele Lens. The beam of light is so precise that it can take a few adjustments to find your couple. This just takes some getting used to.

All in all, I can’t wait to play around with the MagBeam more. I feel like the MagMasks are going to allow me to easily create some incredibly different images.

We use MagMod for about 99% of our weddings. The system is just so simple and easy. We used to bring big strobes and soft boxes to the wedding but now they stay in the car most days. MagMod allows us to add light exactly where we want it so we can create the exact image that’s in our head.

You can get in on MagMod‘s Kickstarter for the MagBeam by clicking HERE. Some of the best packages are very limited in quantity, so I wouldn’t wait if I were you.



Easton Reynolds is an international wedding and portrait photographer as well as educator. Together with his wife, Laura Reynolds, they own LuRey Photography. They developed the concept “The Art of the Second Shot.” They were named Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the US 2015.
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  1. Alterick Wilson

    Awesome! I want this! I wonder how they used it for the first image.

    | |
  2. Roberta Bocchese

    Just received my MagMod basic kit today, so will probably play with it on the weekend. But given the amazing reviews, I’ve already ordered the MagBeam with all the masks – should be super fun!!

    | |
  3. Jean-Francois Perreault

    Could this MagBeam be used to bounce off a wall with lower power or is it too concentrated to bounce properly? That could help the batteries (?)

    | |
  4. Joseph Garza

    Looks very cool I will have to try it out.

    | |
  5. Jamie Ivins

    I can’t wait to get this thing! You’re right about the possibilities being seemingly endless. MagMod ftw again!

    | |
  6. William Irwin

    The ability to overpower the sun is a game changer especially for using speedlights.

    | |
  7. Bob Davis

    This looks like a great add to the kit…

    | |
  8. Devin Robinson

    This is pretty awesome!I can’t wait to try this out! Great article Easton!

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  9. Pye Jirsa

    I’m super stoked for this accessory! Great write up Easton!

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