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List Of Places To Buy Rolls Of Film Online

By Michelle Bird on August 12th 2014


Photo by: Kiev

Oh, the feeling of opening up that little box the size of your finger and unwrapping the glory of a roll of film! All you want to do is fit that little sucker in your Pentax K1000, and find your next subject to shoot. The excitement and unpredictability of film is something the digital medium will just never have, and although finding film around town might be a bit of a scavenger hunt, there are a lot of places online that offer you that little film-roll gold nugget.

There are so many rolls of film out there, that you shouldn’t succumb to the Kodak MAX 400 from the drug store. Venture out, that’s what film is all about. Momma always said that life was like a roll of film, you never know what you’re gonna get.

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Below you’ll find a few websites that offer photographic film, from 35mm, 120, medium to large format. A few of these places not only offer film, but also darkroom equipment, photo-paper and other supplies you might need.

If there is a website where you buy film, that you would recommend to your fellow photogs, leave it in the comments section below. I encourage especially our international readers, as it’s always hard to find places with good deals and fair shipping costs. I added about six online resources for our international folk, five of those are in the UK.


Impossible Project (Instant Polaroid Film)

Freestyle Photo

Holga Direct

Calumet Photo


Kodak Store

Film Photography Project




Wilkinson Cameras (UK)

The Imaging Warehouse (UK)

Firstcall Photographic (UK)

Bristol Cameras (UK)

AG Photographic (UK)

Maco Direct (EU)



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Michelle Bird is a Southern California based freelance photographer and writer, with a strong focus on music, editorial and portrait photography. She is the founder and creative force behind the music+culture online blog Black Vinyl Magazine, and can often be found in the photo-pit shooting the latest concerts in town. She has a strong passion for art, exploring, vintage finds and most of all animals. Connect with her through Email,
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  1. Juan Pena

    If I knew I was gonna build a love for film I would’ve got me a medium format instead of the t5i. Lol

    | |
  2. Barry Cunningham

    Thank you for the list.
    I’m not seeing any film in the Kodak Store. 8^(
    Sadly, I think that link is past its expiry date.

    | |
  3. Brandon Dewey

    Thank you, Ive been looking for a list like this.

    | |
  4. oscar campos

    Did anyone notice that the Calumet store (on Amazon) is selling Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm, 36 exp rolls for $0.54 each? Just ordered me a bunch

    | |
  5. Enzo Scorziello

    How about some good places to get film developed. Or maybe some solid tutorials on how to develop?

    | |
  6. Stan Rogers

    Well, if nothing else, we now know that Michelle has odd-sized fingers. (I kid, I kid; a roll of 120 isn’t too far off. But 35mm?)

    | |
  7. Tyler Friesen

    melpiercecamera on ebay. Always a great place to get 400H.

    | |
  8. Jonathan Heckel (Germany)
    This site has an incredible amount of film, even in large format size. They also offer lots of darkroom equipment.

    | |