Humble Beginnings

It is with the utmost pleasure and honor that I share this interview series with you all. We had the amazing privilege of hosting Sue Bryce in our studio, and she had some incredible words of wisdom to share with us. In part one of this interview, Sue shares her story and her process of failure, success, redemption, and how she became the photographer she is today.

From A Dollar Fifty To A Million Dollars | Interview With Sue Bryce Part I

Selling Your Photography vs. Creating Beautiful Images

Sue Bryce got into the photography industry at the age of 18, retouching photos with a paint brush. From age 18 to age 32, she spent the majority of that time working for a photography studio, both shooting and retouching.

Beautiful_Portrait_Photography“I trialled the first version of Photoshop in 1992, and I went back to a room full of re-touchers and said, ‘Don’t worry guys, it’s never going to take on.’” – Sue Bryce

Eventually, she felt confident thinking that she could build her career apart from her studio and left to start her own business…Only to discover that selling your photography vs. creating beautiful images are two completely different things.

Because she lacked business skills, she brought in a friend and a partner who was comfortable with handling money and selling. Within three years, she built a million-dollar photography business.


Partnership vs. Codependency

She eventually moved to Australia, parting ways with her partner and starting over again. It was then that she realized she had learned nothing from building a successful photography business, but rather she became dependent on someone else to compensate for her lack.

Sue-Bryce“I built this million dollar business, and I didn’t learn a single thing. I just hid behind everybody.” – Sue Bryce

Developing Both Pictures And Yourself

Starting from the bottom once more, Sue decided to finally face her fears and learn how to grow and develop not just as a successful artist, but as a successful brand and business as well. Her confidence in her photography, now partnered with her confidence in business, brought her into the spotlight of who she’s known to be today.


Conclusion And More Info

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