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How To Create Natural HDR Landscapes Using Blend-If Photoshop Layer Technique

By Matthew Saville on December 14th 2017

HDR Photography

Thankfully, HDR photography has come a very long way since the term was first coined in the early days of DSLRs. Back then, the dynamic range of a digital sensor was almost as limited as the dynamic range of slide film, and in many cases even LESS dynamic than negative films! (Don’t believe me? Just remember that even in the 1940’s, Ansel Adams could capture both sunlit snow and deep shade on a single piece of B&W film.)

Also thankfully, the psychedelic, over-processed HDR fad has passed, for the most part. Don’t get me wrong; I still appreciate it as an art from, when it’s done well, and that’s what I’m hoping to show you how to do here.

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How To Create Natural HDR Images Using Blend-If

Today, digital camera sensors have made incredible progress in capturing high-contrast scenes. Most of the latest cameras –even the sensors with ‘poor’ performance– have dynamic range that easily surpasses 10 stops. The champions of the bunch, the current-generation full-frame (and medium format) sensors, are about to pass the 15 EV mark!