Over the years, myself and many other photographers have taken to using action cameras like GoPro and mounting them on our DSLRS or nearby to capture BTS of our adventures and photoshoots (Ie Clay Cook’s “First Person Shooter” series). They provide a unique perspective into what we do as professionals, let alone what athletes and action stars use them for! (I mean, they are after all designed to be an action camera). Well recently Photo Rumors has shared a leak of some details and images of the new GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max that may get everyone a little excited.

via Photo Rumors

From these rumors coming out of China, the new redesigned Hero 8 will officially announce sometime in September boasting a new design with optional housing and new accessories! These accessories look as though they’ll be hot shoe mountable and include a Mic, LED Light, flip screen, and allegedly more.

Additional Rumored Hero 8 Details

  • GP2 chip to improve stabilization and image performance
  • 4K video at 120fps, full HD video at 480 fps
  • Improved lens and image quality
  • 12MP sensor (not confirmed)

The GoPro Max (pictured above), is said to be the replacement for the GoPro Fusion 360 camera but no additional details other than the images have been “sourced” yet.

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Speaking from just my perspective, I’m kind of pumped about the option of a GoPro with Hot Shoe mounting accessories. Especially if it’s possible to mount non-GoPro accessories in the hot shoe?! I haven’t shot a BTS with my old GoPros in ages just due to the frustration of setting everything up. But this new unit may take care of all of that for an on-camera PoV Behind the scenes. I guess this means i’ll be budgeting out some new GoPro purchases this fall….how about you? Let us know in the comments below.