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13 Jul 2024

Loop Lighting

lup lajtɪŋ
Term: Loop Lighting
Loop lighting is a portrait lighting pattern where the subject is lit from about 45 degrees in front of them and above. This creates a nose shadow that 'loops' down at an angle onto their cheek. It is a slightly directional lighting pattern - the light is not flat, but the face is still mostly illuminated.

Extended Loop Lighting Definition

Loop lighting is a type of lighting technique commonly used in portrait photography. It involves placing the key light source slightly to one side of the subject, at a 30-45 degree angle from the camera, and at a height slightly above the subject’s eye level. This creates a small shadow on the opposite side of the nose, which forms a “loop” shape. Photographers should use loop lighting when they want to create a natural and flattering look on their subject’s face. It can be used on a variety of subjects, including individuals or groups, and is particularly effective for people with round or oval-shaped faces. Loop lighting can help to define facial features, add depth and dimension to the image, and create a sense of mood or emotion. It is a versatile technique that can be adapted to a variety of settings and lighting conditions.


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