Stuck at home and feeling in a creative rut? Are you looking for a little extra inspiration for your photography? Well, the team at COOPH has got a great new video full of tips and tricks for some easy and minimalist photographs you can do at home, (or nearby), safely and easily.

Less is more was the theme for this week’s COOPH video! They focused on clear subjects and perfect compositions but avoided unnecessary clutter to create some unique and compelling artistic images.

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Create interesting silhouettes by backlighting your portraits, OR by creating interesting light shapes!


Use double-sided tape to let you create some unique angles with your props, or simply create some imprints in a tray full of flour for some snow-like aerial shots.

Simple Forms

Symmetry can be found everywhere! Simply walk around your home to find some unique shapes and shadows. Play with under/overexposing your shots for added effect.


Find bright colors or complementary colors to illuminate and isolate for some interesting minimalistic fine art.

Empty Space

This is a personal favorite of mine, find an object to shoot against the same or similar color, or something to show off the color contrast, like a tree against the white sky or a simple white chair in the snow!

Lights in the Dark

Expose for the lighting in your home or outside to create some interesting and moody minimalistic images

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As you can tell from the video and examples shown, it’s pretty easy to find some interesting and creative minimalistic artworks around your home! Did this video help you get inspired to create at all? Have you already been shooting images like this over the last year? Let us know, (and be sure to share your work), in the comments below.