Hossein Zare is an Iranian photographer, based in Bushehr. His minimalistic black and white photography engulfs the viewer into an abstract journey. When staring at Zare’s photos, one becomes lost in his world of illusions.

The monochromatic series, titled “Passenger” follows a man on an endless and aimless journey. The subject is only a blurry image and the beginning and end of the series is unknown. The magnificent photos distort time and space, and you are no longer able to differentiate reality. These striking images allow you to explore, ponder and experience your own path in life.

Amazing shots include a black and white road intersecting and a crisp white shot of a barren landscape. These photographs are metaphors for life, the journeys we go on and the crossroads we come to. Houssein Zare’s photography is awe-inspiring and forces people to engage and reflect on their own lives: