Today, I’ll be walking through how to capture dramatic portraits using off-camera flash when on a solo photoshoot with a model.

Video: How to Capture Dramatic Portraits Using Off-Camera Flash By Yourself

What you’ll need:

  1. A camera with off-camera flash functions. I’ll be using my Canon EOS R5.
  2. A portrait lens, ideally a zoom such as the RF 70-200mm f/2.8L to compress the scene.
  3. A portable off-camera flash like the Profoto A2.
  4. A light modifier such as an umbrella or softbox. I’ll be using the new Profoto Clic Octa Softbox.
  5. A lightweight stand such as the Manfrotto Nanostand.

Before we jump in, be sure to give Sabrina, our model today, a follow on Instagram.


I want to use the leading lines on this brick wall as a visual guide to the wall in the back. This skin-tone colored wall will serve as a good backdrop behind Sabrina.

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Ambient Light

1/200 sec, f/2.8, ISO 200 @ 180mm

When using off-camera flash, the ambient light settings will set the intention for the photo. Dark for dramatic and bright for natural. Since we’re going for dramatic portraits, I turned down the exposure quite a bit.

Modify/Add Light

dramatic portraits rembrandt

I placed the A2 with the Softbox on my Nanostand and positioned it to create Rembrandt style lighting. Be sure that your off-camera flash can provide ample power to light your subject if you’re shooting in the daylight.

Pro-tip: When working with modifiers, hang your camera bag on the stand to provide extra stability in light winds.


dramatic portraits off camera flash
Edited with Visual Flow > Pure Presets

With all the settings dialed in, it’s time to start capturing our dramatic portraits!


That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on photographing dramatic portraits by yourself using off-camera flash. To learn the full creative potential of off-camera flash, check out the Flash Photography Training System on SLR Lounge Premium. There, you’ll also find dedicated courses on Building a 7-Figure Photography Business, Mastering Lightroom Editing, and more. You can also visit Visual Flow for our entire library of Lightroom presets and retouching tools.

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