If a recent post from Fuji Rumors is to be believed, the price of the upcoming Fujifilm GFX100S has been leaked, and it’s great news! According to the information they received, the new medium format system will cost just $5,999! (Which is cheaper than the GFX50S when it was launched!)

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If you’re not aware, the new GFX100S system will be a 102 megapixel “Medium Format” camera with a BSI sensor that’s “70% “fuller” than full-frame, phase detection, and IBIS”  and is set to arrive sometime this year (2021) in a body that’s more “DSLR/rangefinder” style than traditional Medium Format. What’s impressive is the smaller size this 100MP system will reportedly be. Add that to the now awesome and attractive price point, this could truly be the entryway for many photographers into medium format systems! For resolutions like 100 megapixels, medium format systems have an advantage because full-frame cameras are starting to be severely affected by diffraction as they go any higher than ~45 megapixels, and for many types of photographers, pixel-shift technology just isn’t going to work

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