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Elinchrom Adds Support for ELB 500 TTL For Sony, Olympus, & Panasonic

By Justin Heyes on July 31st 2018

It is hard to mention anything within the lighting landscape without someone chiming about Godox; that they were the first to bring cross-brand triggering, or that they offered support for mirrorless before the well-established lighting industry giants have. On the surface, it seems like Profoto and Broncolor are playing catch up, but another way to perceive it is that they are using Godox as a testing ground to get a feel of what the market wants.

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Take for example Elinchrom, when they introduced the ELB 500 TTL it was only compatible with Canon and Nikon, but now the company has announced that it will be adding support for Sony and Olympus/Panasonic users via its Transmitter PRO. The new firmware will update existing Skyport Plus HS triggers to 2.1 bringing TTL, High-Speed Sync (HSS) with the ELB 500 TTL and Hi-Sync (HS) functionality when used with the ELB 1200. Existing Canon and Nikon users can upgrade their firmware to 2.2 bringing stability and support for third-party devices such as Rotolight.

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Transmitter PRO Firmware Update

  • Automatic switch between HS and HSS
  • Improved menu
  • Ability to change the modeling light power from the transmitter
  • Display power in F-Stops or Ws.
  • Compatibility with Rotolight system

Fujifilm support for the Transmitter Pro will be available in September. No details have been given yet by Elinchrom, but one should expect support for the current line up including the GFX 50S, X-Pro2, X100F, X-H1, and X-E3. Keep an eye out for our review of the Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL.

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