Even though light sticks (or light wands) had been around for a while, I have noticed a recent increase in popularity, and this growing tool trend has been visible inside both the film and photography communities. The versatility of the light stick is so convenient that more and more professionals are adding it as a new addition to their equipment list.

The creative flexibility this tool possesses served as inspiration to create this new tutorial video explaining some of the many useful ways you can use this type of light in studio photography.

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Important Features of a  light stick / light want:

  • Hand held – The light is portable and it can also be mounted on a stand.
  • Rechargeable – No need to carry a portable battery or depend on power outlets.
  • Remote control (some) – Easily controlled from a distance
  • Color temperature variability – Color tone options for different light moods.
  • Size – It fits anywhere and it can be easily stored.
  • Shape – Its linear shape makes it easy to create a variety of light prop designs for video or creative photography sets.

I took advantage of these features and decided to show three useful ways to incorporate them in photography; As a key light, mixed with a second light, and as a set prop. The results looked pretty cool and these are just a few examples of everything you can achieve with the use of a light stick.


I used the EDGE Light from Smith Victor for the creation of this video, but you can find a variety of similar light sticks available in photography stores. If you want to give it a try, below is a list of options to review:

For more details and specific tips, make sure to watch the video below. If you want to see the complete set of images shot in the video, don’t forget to visit my website www.elainetorres.la and follow me on Instagram for more inspiration.