As if tensions could get any more on edge, today it seems that DJI has found itself blacklisted by the United States Department of Commerce, meaning it’s blocked from doing business with US-based companies! What does this break down to and mean for us? Well, American companies cannot export parts to DJI, and as a side effect of this, US-based consumers will possibly have a harder time finding and purchasing DJI Products.

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The list released by the Department of Commerce has added 78 companies (and individuals), to their block-list. DJI will be joining companies like Huawei and SMIC (China’s largest chip manufacturer)for the foreseeable future along with dozens of other Chinese based companies. And the reason for all of this? According to Reuters,  “wide-scale human rights abuses within China including abusive genetic collection and analysis or high-tech surveillance” and “facilitating the export of items by China that aid repressive regimes around the world, contrary to U.S. Foreign policy interests.”  This includes a report from Bloomberg stating that DJI drones are actively being used to surveil the Uyghurs in Xinjiang (A Muslim ethnic group).

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While this doesn’t immediately affect American consumers, or prevent them from buying existing DJI products, companies on this list have historically found it incredibly difficult to do business in the continental USA.

According to PetaPixel, DJI has denied any requests for comments at this time, but we’ll update you should anything be reported as soon as it happens. Until then, what do you think about this situation? Do you have any DJI Products? Are you worried about them “Spying” on what you do with your drone like the Department of Justice has done? Let us know in the comments below.