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27 May 2022




Major UK Retailer Ban use of Photoshopped Images

Debenhams is not a name that most of us here in the US are familiar with, but the popular UK retail giant (very similar to Kohl’s or Macy’s here in the US) has recently announced some huge changes to how they will display product. In a bold move Debenhams has announced that they will no longer use photoshopped, or airbrushed as they referred to it, images in their stores.

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Google Glass to be banned from Casinos

Caesars Palace, the World Famous Casino, in Las Vegas has confirmed that people will not be allowed to wear Google Glass devices when gambling. The announcement comes after previous statements had been made that Glass would be allowed so long as nothing was being recorded. But in accordance with Nevada state laws on gambling no devices such as computers or recording devices may be used while gambling.