Irene Rudnyk has created a stunning portfolio and amassed a substantial social media following by taking vivid and beautifully composed portraits. The natural light photographer can be found on her Youtube page offering quick and easy insights into her process that consists minimal gear, makeup, and everyone’s old friend, Sol.

In one of her latest BTS videos, she gives us another look at how to effectively use window light to capture ethereal portraits. If you don’t want or need a shoot complicated by power settings, ratios, and light metering, this is a video for you.

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Tip#1 –  SHooting Angle

Shoot standing off to the side to avoid blocking the light coming in from your window. Since you are totally dependent on the light coming through the window, you’ll have to be more aware. Also, as you stand off to the side, use a step ladder to obtain a more flattering angle of your model.

Tip#2 –  Subject Distance

Bring your subject as close as possible to the window. Keep in mind the minimum focusing distance of your lens. If your subject gets too close to you, your lens won’t be able to focus. This varies from lens to lens so you’ll have to figure out what this is for your particular lens.

Tip#3 – Shutter Speed & Aperture Settings

If you’re working in small space, such as a living room studio, using a wide aperture helps for two reasons.

1 – It lets in more light.
2 – It creates a shallow depth of field and isolates your subject from the background. If you don’t have a backdrop like the one featured in the video, this can save your picture from distracting and unpleasant elements.

Also, Be sure to sure to shoot at a higher shutter speed to ensure that you get sharper images.

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