So often photographers are searching for a why to define their style, but sometimes it’s right under your nose, though you can’t quite see it yourself. We all have our own personal aesthetic – the colors, themes, styles and such that draw our eye more than the rest but for whatever reason, it can be hard for a person to look objectively at their own preferences. However, there are tools to help you see the forest for the trees, like this one.

The website, surely inspired by Adobe’s Color app, formerly known as Kuler, will analyze any Instagram account that is public and will generate a color palette and an overall color description. It also offers an individual three-shade breakdown of the account’s last sixteen posts. It does seem to have a bias toward the darker tones in an image, but it’s still quite interesting.

*note – we have noticed some sporadic “bad gateway” messages, so if you have trouble reaching the site, try again in a few minutes.

Just visit the site, type in your username (or any username of which you’d like a color palette analysis) and you will be presented with a grid of color swatches. Once you see it, you might be surprised how those colors are not just found in your Instagram posts, but across your life as well. Your wardrobe, your home decor, and other areas where color is a primary factor are likely to align with the color palette gives you as well.


If you like what you see in your color palette, it can help you maintain cohesion in your portfolio. Chances are, you may have been using this palette unintentionally just because you liked it, but having a visual representation of the colors you’re using can help you focus as you plan shoots to achieve a ‘look.’

With this tool in hand, you can also apply your new-found knowledge to your brand. You can create a style guide for your brand using this palette, or your favorite parts of it, which will help you maintain consistent and cohesive branding for your photography business.