Despite the ubiquity of drones and the surplus of so-so aerial photographs shared across the Internet, there’s still magic left in the once novel genre, especially when placed in the right hands. In an incredible new aerial photography book, Eyes over the World: The Most Spectacular Drone Photography, author Dirk Dallas presents a carefully curated collection of over 200 visually stunning #fromwhereidrone images from more than 125 photographers that were taken on all seven continents! The book, which also includes forewords from acclaimed photographers Chris Burkard and Benjamin Grant, offers a fresh perspective on aerial photography.

“When we look at the world from high above, we see things in a way we could never imagine from the ground. New colors come into view, patterns emerge, we can see and understand the entirety of structures or landscapes.” – Benjamin Grant


Image by Dirk Dallas
Image by Dirk Dallas
Image by Dirk Dallas
Image by Dirk Dallas


In the images that line the 100+ beautifully designed spreads, we’re treated to breathtaking overhead views of a diverse range of landscapes, from bustling city grids to winding coastlines, from barren deserts to snow-covered tundras. Each environment provides an inspiring canvas for the photographers, and no two captures look alike – even when taken over similar terrain. The photographs, each a study in composition, lighting, and color, elevate the genre to new heights and reveal the true creative potential of aerial photography.

While you can enjoy these photographs online, there’s something to be said about holding the book in your hand to take in this curated collection. It’s a tactile experience that the digital realm literally cannot touch, no matter how high-res the monitor. Moreover, from a quality standpoint, the publisher went all in to produce a durable, heirloom quality book that will last a long time, so there are no worries in regards to picking this book up time and again to revisit the amazing images within.

From the Publisher:

“Paying homage to our breathtaking planet, this collection features a stunning range of natural wonders and man-made oddities captured by both luminaries and amateurs alike in the burgeoning drone-photography community.”

Images from the Book

EyesOverTheWorld p192
Image by Florian LeDoux
EyesOverTheWorld p181
Image by Alexander Scheffczyk
EyesOverTheWorld p150
Image by Fabien Barrau
EyesOverTheWorld p138
Image by Abstract Aerial Art
EyesOverTheWorld p104 105
Image by Dirk Dallas
EyesOverTheWorld p083
Image by Jarrad Seng
EyesOverTheWorld p082
Image by Huda Bin Redha
EyesOverTheWorld p044 45
Image by Phil de Glanville
EyesOverTheWorld p031 left
Image by Julien Bernard
EyesOverTheWorld p021
Image by Travis Burke
EyesOverTheWorld p017
Image by Abstract Aerial Art
EyesOverTheWorld p016
Image by Costas Spathis

More from the Publisher: 

“Organized geographically, EYES OVER THE WORLD can also be used as a catalog of all the wonders the Earth has to offer. The book is sure to be a hit with the growing legion of drone photographers, shutterbugs, world explorers, and arm-chair travelers alike.”

The book’s author, Dirk Dallas, is an FAA Part 107 drone pilot, designer, photographer, professor of digital media, and founder of the “From Where I Drone” blog and Instagram account, which has more than 230,000+ avid followers.

You can purchase the book on Amazon here.

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