Professional photographers rely on a quality web presence to display their work to the world. Therefore it’s incredibly important for them to be able to quickly, easily, and cheaply upload their pictures to their website and position them as needed. For all intents and purposes, there’s no better platform for these processes than WordPress.

Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Photography Blog

Though there are certainly more than a few different methods of building a photography blog, nothing quite gets the job done like WordPress. With the world’s most popular CMS/blog platform, you have a great deal of control in regards to how your content is displayed and maintained. You also have thousands of different themes to choose from and customize. And let’s not forget that WordPress is extremely user-friendly and can be 100% free.

Let’s examine some of these points in a bit more depth.



Photography can be a lucrative business, an expensive hobby, or it may lie somewhere in between. Regardless, it’s a good idea to consider affordable options when creating your website. Luckily, there are literally thousands of 100% free WordPress themes available for download. Moreover, even the premium themes usually range between $30 to $200. These prices are far below the average cost of a custom website.


Beyond the price though, the real value is in the convenience. You’re getting a working website in the time it takes you to download a zip file. And some premium theme providers like TemplateMonster do not only offer photo-blog WP themes, but also 24-hour support, just in case you have trouble getting started.

Of course, you can always download those free themes as well. This is an especially good option, as there are so many custom photography themes available.

Speaking of variety…

Enormous Choice of Layouts

Photography is an especially popular niche. It’s, therefore, no surprise that photography themes for WP are especially plentiful. Major providers have gigantic sections dedicated exclusively to photography themes. You can pick out a theme with little fear of duplicating the web presence of other photographers in your area.

The reason for this saturation is simple. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Since that’s the case, most themes come out of the box with all of your standard requirements. Such as…

Search Engine Optimization

You won’t get far without a little love from Google. And while it’s up to you to come up with a decent keyword strategy, nearly all WP themes are built with the SEO architecture to make ranking easier. With easy access to metatags, an SEO checklist, and free plugins to help you on your way, it’s a relative breeze to get noticed in local search rankings.


Of course, this isn’t the only feature you should be worried about.

free wordpress photography theme by slrlounge

WP Themes are Packed with Features

WP themes, both free and premium, often come with the most important structural and stylistic attributes that users have come to expect from a professional photography website. For instance:

  • Responsive design
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Animated effects
  • Background video
  • WPML ready
  • Online chat functionality

Still, the best thing about using WordPress is undoubtedly the variety of styles and presentations available through the myriad of templates you can find online. To get you started, here are 5 awesome free photo-blog WordPress themes to give you ideas.

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5 Awesome Free Photo-Blog WordPress Themes


1. Melissa

Built with the Cherry Framework, this custom theme is beautifully animated through HTML and JS. The main photo-slider slowly cycles through the high-quality images right above the most recent blog posts, while other impressive features unfold as you scroll downward.



free wordpress photography theme by slrlounge

2. Free WordPress Photography Theme by SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge has been developing this photoblog template for over a year, and the effort really shows. Artistic, responsive, and minimalist, this photography blog puts an emphasis on the actual photography, navigation, a small bit of branding, and that’s all. It’s available for free download through the link in the heading, and instructions to install it can be found right here.




3. Gallery 

The Gallery Theme (which also happens to be responsive) from is a perfect offering for any creative pictorial producer. It boasts an impressive number of features, as it’s compatible across an array of browsers and highly customizable. It too, sticks to a strictly minimalist mystique and throws all the user attention at the work, navigation, and social sharing options.



Photo World

4. Photoworld 

Photoworld presents an ethereal foot forward for any photographer’s art. The full page slider dominates the homepage with attractive imagery strolling across the screen at unhurried intervals, and the navigation bar sets the tone with an obscured transparency that ends up making all of your navigation options extremely legible and attractive. The ghostly transparency continues on all of the child pages and gives an airy yet approachable feel to the entire site.



photolab - free wp theme for photographers

5. Photolab  

Another parallax-enabled photoblog with a little less in the way of animated transitions, Photolab instead exercises its right to pagination as it relies on post previews made of text to attract the clickthrough. Again abundant with whitespace and sticky navigation options, this theme presents a smooth and serene aesthetic to its users.




Using WordPress themes to build your professional presence on the web is a fast and easy option in a world of complicated branding solutions. Furthermore, WP themes take care of the most important consideration for any professional photographer: time. Building and maintaining a website takes tons of time. Time that’s usually better spent tracking down clients and heading to their locations so you can shoot. A WP theme allows you to focus more on what you love and less on worrying about your web presence.

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