Music licensing platform, Audiio, has announced the launch of Audiio Originals – a venture that brings new original music by leading music producers to filmmakers and creatives worldwide. This new project aims to regularly release trend-setting and relevant songs, enriching and expanding Audiio’s already extensive music catalog.

We are looking forward to seeing what filmmakers will create with Audiio Originals.” said Audiio Founder & CEO Josh Read. “This initiative is a natural next step for us as we aim to bring incredible music to filmmakers and creators around the world.”

Launch Details

When: The Audiio Originals will launch on July 31, 2023.

What: The initial release features a diverse selection of over 20 songs across various genres, from hip-hop to modern cinematic compositions. The company says that each track is crafted based on current music trends, catering to a wide array of needs – from powerful commercial anthems for advertisers to captivating compositions perfect for dramatic entertainment content.

Where: To get started, explore their initial release of the collection of Audiio originals here.

The Producers

The Audiio Originals producers comprise a talented and diverse group of music industry veterans, including Max Corwin, Joshua Silverberg, Faded Light, J Scott Rakozy, Outland, Laim Back, Yellen, and Que Parks (with more artist announcements to come). These producers boast an impressive track record, with their music previously featured in campaigns for esteemed brands such as Nike, Range Rover, Under Armour, Starbucks, MTV, and NFL. Notably, Que Parks recently had his song selected to promote Showtime’s hit series “Billions.”  The goal is to continuously attract top-tier talent to curate a high quality, diverse range of music.

audiio originals launch
Screenshot of the Audiio Originals Interface

About Audiio

Audiio continues to add new features that move the needle and push the company forward.  For example, a few years ago, they launched a membership for a lifetime of sound effects and this year, they announced their mobile app and SafeSync.  SafeSync is currently available and the mobile app is coming soon.

Audiio has emerged as a global leader in music licensing, providing content for over 1.5 million projects by top filmmakers, brands, creators, and agencies across 180 countries. Their team collaborates directly with music publishers, major labels, and independent artists, ensuring a continuous influx of relevant and sync-worthy talent. For a single affordable price, Audiio users can download unlimited content to sync in numerous films, videos, or media projects. Their impressive portfolio includes licensing songs for projects ranging from NFL Super Bowl advertisements to small non-profit organizations, showcasing their commitment to serving a wide range of creative endeavors.