Today, Affinity Photo 1.9 was released (along with updates for the rest of the Affinity suite of apps), as a free update adding even more functionality to an already impressive and popular “photoshop-alternative” photo editing application.

There’s a pretty massive list of new features added throughout the entirety of the suite of apps, notably added is the new Liquify tool, making it a live adjustment in maskable layers.

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Additional Updates Include

  • RAW improvements
    • We’ve now added the SerifLabs RAW engine to Affinity Photo for iPad to ensure consistency between how RAW files are developed on desktop and iPad. This allows for better noise reduction and manual lens corrections, and also gives you more cropping flexibility. We’ve also updated our library to support the latest cameras.
  • Edit spare channels as layers
    • Previously, there wasn’t a direct way to edit the content of a spare channel, but now you can isolate, edit and duplicate spare channels with a simple click or touch.
  • New divide blend mode
    • This new feature opens up creative and practical techniques like correcting color casts, enhancing infrared imagery, and augmenting live filters
  • Add path text
    • You can now create text on a path in Affinity Photo, just like you can in Designer and Publisher. The path can be created from any line, curve, or shape drawn using any of the line or shape tools and allows you to explore a whole range of diverse typographical designs.
  • Studio presets for the UI layout (desktop only)
    • Save your favorite workspace setups for different tasks and easily switch between them.
  • Use filters on masks
    • You can now use a selection of destructive filters on mask layers, including blurring, sharpening, distortion, and noise. Works on mask layers, adjustments, live filters, fill layers, and spare channels.
  • Benchmarking
    • The new benchmarking option lets you run a series of vector and raster operations to measure the speed of your device. Separate CPU and GPU tests are performed, giving you a clearer idea of how they will both contribute to performance as you work.
  • Curves numeric field controls (desktop only)
    • The curves adjustment now gives X and Y readout values for each node on the graph, allowing you to make incredibly precise numeric adjustments.
  • Linked layers
    • Edit layers simultaneously by linking them. You can even ‘unlink’ particular aspects of a layer so only certain edits are made across the board (for example, if you wanted a mask to share the same pixel content as another mask, but not the opacity settings).
  • Pattern layers
    • Add a fixed size bitmap layer that repeats across your entire document. These pattern layers can be painted on, masked, manipulated with filters, and transformed non-destructively — all while you watch the resulting pattern come to life in real-time.
  • Performance improvements
    • Expect big performance gains when working with large complex vector documents in all apps as well as much faster IDML import in Publisher.
  • And much more!

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To see all the details, and download this free update (or to purchase the app for yourself) please visit the official Affinity Website here