Brad Wilson was a fine art and commercial photographer in New York City, when he made a leap in his photographic journey and switched species.

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In the stunning photo series, “Affinity,” Wilson brings the wild up close and personal. Set against a completely black backdrop, these magnificent animals, typically seen in nature or behind a cage at the zoo, are shown here in intimate and close detail. He named the series, “Affinity,” due to the feelings of connection he felt with these animals while he was working with them. Within the confines of the studio setting and with animal trainers on hand, Wilson says that he allowed the animals “do what they wanted.” With patience and gentle coaxing, he snapped the image at just the right time, to capture “a specific moment – a moment where mood, composition, and stillness combined to create something uncommon, something unexpected.

Something breathtakingly beautiful.

animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-orangutan-1 animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-tiger-1animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-tiger-3animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-zebra-1animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-alligator-1animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-bald-eagleanimal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-bull-2animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-cheetah-2animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-chimpanzeeanimal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-elephant-3animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-elephant-4animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-giraffe-2animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-lion-2animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-mountain-lion-2animal-photography-affinity-Brad-Wilson-spider-monkey-2

Brad’s photographs can be seen in exhibitions all over the world. To see more of his work, visit his website and to see him work with some of the amazing animals, watch the video below.

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[via @Bored Panda/Vimeo]

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