Remember the good ol’ days when you would just take your camera out on a normal day, and play? Before the days of contracts and marketing, finding clients and making current clients happy, before this photography thing was a business, we had fun with our cameras. Those times seem to get fewer and farther between now that real life has intruded upon our beloved hobby.

Sure, I love my clients, I love shooting weddings and portraits, and I certainly love taking my camera out and shooting a personal project but rarely does the opportunity present itself for me to just play. In the newest video from our friends at COOPH (The Cooperative of Photography), photographers, Anastasia Ehlakova & Julia Gebhardt show us seven creative and fun things you can do at your next shoot. From levitation to free lensing to light stamping, these fun little tips will spark your creative juices.

Watch 7 Funky Photography Tips

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What I love is that all 7 of these tips require very little in terms of effort or props; most of the items can be found in your home. That strand of old Christmas lights and your daughter’s bent hula hoop? Try out tip #7: Hula Hoop, which has you creating some awesome light-painting images. Have an old mirror? Go ahead, risk the seven years of bad luck for some very cool and (should I say), ‘funky,’ portraits.  See this article for more Photoshoot at Home Ideas.


Take a break from Monday and steal a moment from editing or on your lunch break, grab your camera and try a few of these tips.  If you’re looking for more inspiration, you may also be interested in our article on creative photography ideas.

Other Funky Photoshoot Ideas and Tips

In addition to the tips in the video, here are a few more tips and ideas from our team of photographers.

Play with Props

Think outside the box! Ditch the conventional props and opt for unique, quirky items for your funky photoshoot. Vintage toys, oversized sunglasses, balloons, or even food items can make your photos pop. The more unusual the prop, the more it can spur creativity both for you and your subject.

pexels cottonbro studio 3430508Themed Dress-Up

From retro to futuristic, the possibilities are endless. Ask your model to dress according to a specific era or theme. You can even set up a story around it. Not only will it offer a vibrant aesthetic, but it will also get everyone involved in role-playing, making the funky photoshoot an exciting adventure.

Glow It Up

Bring in some glow-in-the-dark paints or neon lights. Shooting under UV lights can provide a surreal, ethereal quality to your funky photoshoot. This luminous setting will surely make your photoshoot a radiant experience.

funky photoshoot pablo padilla vG Lj laAKM unsplash

Shoot from Unexpected Angles

Break away from traditional angles. Lay on the ground, climb a ladder or hide behind objects to capture shots. Using drones can also give you breathtaking overhead shots. These unconventional perspectives can create dynamic images that stand out for a funky photoshoot.

funky photoshoot nathan cima KzmkTi395 o unsplash

Bubble Bonanza

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Whether it’s bubble guns, bubble machines, or just the classic soap and wand method, adding bubbles to your shoot can introduce a playful and fairy-tale-like atmosphere.

Use Colorful or Projected Backgrounds

If you can’t go to a funky location, bring the location to you! Using a projector, you can cast scenes, patterns or images onto walls or even your models. This can transport your subject to a desert, outer space, or even amidst floating goldfish!  You can also use colorful, vibrant backgrounds to add a little funk to your photoshoot,

funky photoshoot nikita shirokov xJ5YgTLsCO4 unsplash

Interactive Sets

Move beyond static backgrounds. Set up a mini trampoline, swings, or even a makeshift rain machine. By having models interact with the elements around them, you can capture spontaneous and genuine reactions.

Remember, photography is as much about the experience as it is about the end result. By introducing fun, offbeat elements to your photoshoot, you not only get unique images but also ensure everyone involved has a blast. So, next time you’re feeling stuck in a routine, shake things up with these funky tips. Your portfolio—and your subjects—will thank you!