In recent years, home photoshoots have become increasingly popular, as more people look to capture special moments and memories within the comfort of their own home in an organic, everyday style.  However, with so many people taking part in home photoshoots, it can be challenging to find new and innovative ways to stay creative and stand out from the crowd. In this article, we’ll explore some fresh ideas and tips for taking your home photoshoots to the next level, so you can create stunning and memorable shots that truly capture your personality and style.

5 Photoshoot at Home Ideas To Stay Creative

Great portraits can be created anywhere and in this video, we’re showing you 5 simple portrait setups in your own home! We created this video in my very own home to show you just how easy it is to capture professional portraits in the space you live in. Hopefully, this helps you see the pockets of your own home in a new way and the wheels of imagination start turning on what you can create within your four walls.


Idea 1 – Use a Flat Light Setup in Garage

For the first photoshoot at home idea, all you need for this setup is to open your garage, front door, or window! I like using the garage because the light source is massive compared to the other doors of your house and you have an automatic fill light coming from the concrete. The key here is to control the light by moving the subject in and out of the light. When Chelsea moves too far back into the shadows, the concrete creates uplighting that is unflattering and unnatural, but when she’s right in-between a shadowed area and the bright spot, she gets a balance between the fill light and the flat light coming through the garage door opening.

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Easy photoshoot idea at home | Open the Garage!

What you’ll notice is that the background is a bit too busy so we fix that by switching our lens to something a bit more suitable for portraiture like the 75mm and add a small headshot backdrop. You can also just use a cloth or a big sheet that you have at home. Flat light is the perfect setup for when you are starting off with headshots because it’s a safe choice and will always yield flattering images.

1 samyang prime lens review 1Idea 2 – Create a Directional Light Setup

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Next, let’s talk about directional light. Using the same space in the garage you can shift your subject so the dominant light is hitting the subject from an angle. What I noticed immediately is that we are getting a massive amount of fill light from the ground so I used a black sheet to cover the concrete that was bouncing onto Chelsea’s face. From there, same as our first setup, we grab a backdrop or sheet and create a studio setup right in our garage. For this shot, I decided I needed something a bit bigger to fill the space while I use the 45mm lens which is why I opted for this backdrop by Ethan Alex.  From there I had Chelsea bring her chin to the light to get a perfect Rembrandt lighting pattern and shot away.

Idea 3 – Create Light Patterns

1 samyang prime lens review
Create Light Patterns in ANY dark room of your home for a creative photo shoot

This next one is possible in any spot of your house but I still used my garage as the backdrop. You’ll need a phone flashlight or any video light that you have and two small boxes (I know you have plenty of Amazon package boxes laying around your house). The idea for this is to create a and interesting light pattern using your cell phone flashlight. I had the light shine through the boxes to create a small sliver of light shining on Chelsea. You can then add refractory objects in front of the flashlight to create unique patterns.

5 samyang prime lens reviewIdea 4 – Use a Natural Light Setup

1 samyang prime lens sony
Window Light is often the best and easiest photoshoot idea at home

One of the easiest photoshoot at home ideas you can do is to find a large window and take portraits using the natural light. Natural light flowing through a home can either be flat light if you have your subject facing the light or directional light. For this example, I grabbed a chair in my dining room and used the natural light coming from the windows. Since I am on the 35mm and my frame is a bit wider I decided to include the window behind Chelsea as part of the composition of the photograph.

3 samyang prime lens reviewIdea 5 – Find a Plant

samyang prime lens sonyFor our next at home photoshoot idea, all you’re going to need is a plant to help create the foreground in the shot.  If you don’t have a backyard, this can work at a local park, with an indoor plant, or a shopping complex.

Adding this element gives the image more depth and also some color.  You can also use parts of the plant to conceal and add a sense of mystery to the photo.  The general concept works with any object.  For example, you can try the exact same concept with a curtain.

2 samyang prime lens review

Gear Used for our Photoshoot at Home Ideas:

More Tips for Your Photoshoot at Home

Choose a Good Location for Your Photoshoot at Home

Choosing the location is one of the most important steps when it comes to planning a home photoshoot. There are a variety of areas in your house that could be used as a backdrop for your photos, such as the living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen. Think about the theme and mood you’re going for and choose a location that complements it. For example, if you’re aiming for a cozy, intimate vibe, the bedroom might be the best choice.

Personalize with Props and Accessories

Props and accessories can also play a significant role in a home photoshoot. They can add personality, texture, and depth to your shots, making them more interesting and visually appealing. Consider using items like pillows, blankets, plants, or even your favorite books to add a touch of your own personal style to the shoot. You can also get creative and make your own DIY props, like a cardboard cutout or a simple photo frame.


In conclusion, there are many ways to make your photoshoots at home more unique and creative. By carefully choosing the location, props, lighting, and outfits, you can create stunning and memorable shots that truly capture your personality and style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas and have fun with the process – after all, the best photos are often the ones that are the most authentic and spontaneous.