microphone-mountsI’ve been working on creating some video content – using my Fuji X-T1 (ugh) – and my biggest struggle (besides the camera’s capabilities) is sound quality. Everywhere I shoot, either the microphone isn’t close enough to isolate my voice or the room I’m in makes everything echo like I’m in a cavernous cave. I was about ready to re-box my RODE Video Mic and send it back for a refund when I came across the following video.



Caleb Pike, from DSLR Video Shooter, shows us ‘5 Handy and Creative Ways to Mount a Microphone.‘ (I’m such a newb, I figured you had to just stick it on the hot shoe). The five methods aren’t expensive – anywhere from a few dollars to free – and just takes a few screws and such to secure.

The first method involves those cheap clamps that we always seem to have laying around that are good for things like hanging backdrops to securing a dress that might be too big on your model. Now, with a few loose screws (the nuts and bolts kind), it can be used as a mount for your mic. Another trick he uses is with a mic stand (go figure) – any music mic stand –  to be used as a boom. To see the rest, including the last one, which I really would never have thought of, watch the 3 minute video below.

I found the video very helpful and will be trying out a few of these tricks myself. Do you have any creative tips to secure your microphone? Comment below!