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14 Aug 2022

DSLR Video



Rode & Tascam Announce Budget DSLR Microphones

As more and more people start to use their DSLR cameras for video as well as still the need rises for quality audio. Your on camera microphone may get you usable audio an a few situations, but 9 times out of 10 it will be completely useless for professional uses. This means that in order to get the most out of the video from your DSLR you will need to purchase some sort of external microphone.


Budget DSLR Video Tip: Using Old Canon FD Lenses On Your Digital SLR

Did you know that you can save a ton of money and grow your video lens collection by buying old Canon FD lenses? You can find these for very cheap, I just saw a 50mm F/1.4 for under $100, that is a huge savings over the current Canon 50mm F/1.4 at around $400. The catch is that these old FD lenses require an adapter to use with your Digital SLR and they are manual focus only.


3 Quick Tips On Lens Whacking

Lens Whacking is an interesting technique for capturing video by which you actually disconnect your lens and move it around while recording the video. It creates a very unique look and a very distinctive – almost dreamy – style to the video captured using this method.


MyMyk, A New Rode Mic Challenger

It is no secret that the key to good video project is great audio, and Rode has enjoyed its position as the “go to” microphone system for DSLR video shooters for quite some time now. But now a new competitor, MyMyk, has surfaced and is hoping to carve out some of Rode’s market share.