Your client is pregnant and wants a beautiful backdrop for her maternity photos. What better location than a stunning sunset at the beach to commemorate this time as a new mother.  In this article, we’ll share some tips and ideas for beach maternity photos as well as examples to help paint a better picture! It’s important to consider your client’s safety and schedule the shoot no later than the 7-8 month mark, depending on your client’s comfort.

6 Beach Maternity Tips

  1. Tell a Powerful Story
  2. Take Caution with the Tidepools & Waves
  3. Incorporate Wardrobe into Photos
  4. Include Props for More Interest
  5. Limit session to 30-45 Minutes
  6. Photograph a Variety of Expressions & Groupings

1. Tell a Powerful Story

This is one of the most exciting moments for a couple. They are about to embark on a journey and bring new life into this world. There are so many moments to capture during a beach maternity session that can help tell a strong story. Using a popular technique from Hollywood you can move throughout a scene to tell a powerful story: start wide by setting the scene, move in closer to provide context, and zoom in tight to showcase emotions. This is a great way to get a variety of shots in one scene.

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2. Take Caution with the Tidepools & Waves

2 beach maternity dress

The beach can be an unpredictable environment to shoot in. Crashing waves, rocky tidepools, and cold temperatures are just a few of the scenarios to watch out for. Be mindful of the spot you select for your beach maternity photos as you don’t want to stress out your clients and make them uncomfortable throughout the session. Once you find a safe spot use the storytelling tips above to work the scene without moving the clients around too much.

3. Incorporate Wardrobe into Beach Maternity Photos

1 laguna beach maternity photos

A fun way to get stunning shots is to find a dress with a train. With a backdrop like the ocean, this will yield some incredible beach maternity photos. This is a great option for more of a dramatic shot. You can find some beautiful dress options at SewTrendy or even a quick search on Amazon.

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4. Include Props for More Interest

0022 MM Laguna Beach Maternity Photography

A fun idea for beach maternity photos is to include props during the shoot. Have the couple bring their sonogram, a “coming soon” sign, or even baby clothes/shoes to celebrate the new addition to the family. Don’t let the props overshadow the portraits, use them instead to drive the narrative.

5. Limit Session to 30-45 Minutes

PC Orange COunty Maternity Photographer Line and rootsDAV 8435 1 scaled
Image by Line and Roots

Having a pregnant woman be on her feet, posing, and smiling can be uncomfortable. Find opportunities during the session to give her breaks, make sure she’s hydrated and feeling comfortable. If she feels uncomfortable it will likely be seen in the images.

6. Photograph a Variety of Expressions & Groupings

beach maternity photos

If your beach maternity photos include a family adding a new member to the team then this is a great opportunity to get individual portraits with each parent and some solos of the child. Oftentimes, kids are well aware of the situation and feel insecure or threatened that a new child is coming into the family. This is the perfect chance to get individual portraits with each parent and then grab some portraits of the child for the parents to cherish.

We hope these tips help you out with your beach maternity photos! These ideas are meant to serve as inspiration and guides to help create lasting memories and beautiful portraits for these families to cherish for a lifetime.