Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that deserves to be celebrated and documented. Capturing the moments of this special time with a maternity photoshoot allows us to create lasting memories and showcase the love and anticipation surrounding the arrival of the little one. When it comes to maternity photos, we often focus on the expectant mother and her baby bump, but these sessions also offer a great opportunity to capture both parents. For that reason, you’ll want to consider how to effectively combine couples posing and maternity posing to exceed your clients’ expectations for their maternity session. Previously, we covered 8 Maternity Photography Tips; and in this article, we’ll show you 15 couple maternity photoshoot ideas, poses, and tips.

All images are provided by Line and Roots Photography and used with permission.  For more education on this topic, see our Maternity Photography Workshop.

Standard Pose | Holding Belly

couple maternity photoshoot ideas with v-up pose
Foundation Pose: V-Up

Start your maternity photoshoot with the classic pose of both partners gently holding the baby bump and looking into the camera and looking at each other. This simple yet powerful pose showcases the connection and excitement they share as they prepare to welcome their baby into the world.  We recommend starting with this must-have couples maternity pose before moving into poses with more creativity or more movement.

Micropose Variations of the V Up

Once the couple is in this pose, be sure to capture a few variations by zooming in and out for different crops or by having them make small adjustments to their expressions.

maternity shoot at the beach
Foundation Pose: Closed (adjusted to included distance between the couple)

Explore different micro poses, or slight variations on the original pose. For example, instead of looking into the camera, try capturing intimate moments of the couple looking at each other or sharing a tender kiss.

couple maternity photoshoot ideas in redwoods
Foundation Pose: Closed

Walking Along the Beach

couple maternity photoshoot ideas with couple walking the beach
Foundation Pose: Open (adjusted to include walking)

If you have access to a beach, take advantage of the beautiful scenery and capture candid maternity shots of the couple walking hand in hand along the shoreline. The vastness of the beach and the calming sound of the waves create a serene backdrop for your maternity photos.

Walking in Natural Parks and Greenery

Foundation Pose: Reverse/Open

Embrace the beauty of nature by choosing a natural park or lush greenery as your photoshoot location. Walking together among trees and flowers creates a romantic and serene atmosphere, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the photos. The leaves in the trees add a beautiful glow when backlit during golden hour.

Kissing or Looking at the Belly

kiss the baby bump pose example

Help your clients express their love and anticipation for their baby by capturing tender moments of the partner kissing the baby bump. This is a classic pose for a reason, and it works equally as well for epic wide angle environmental portraits or close-up shots.

Holding the Belly from Behind

close up of stacked maternity pose
Foundation Pose: Stacked

Create an intimate and playful pose by having the partner embrace the pregnant belly from behind while the couple gazes into the distance. This pose beautifully highlights the real star of the show.

couple maternity photoshoot ideas with stacked pose wide
Foundation Pose: Stacked

Capture candid moments of joy and playfulness by encouraging the partner to lift or playfully interact with the baby bump from behind. This pose adds a touch of lightheartedness to the photos.

Pregnant Woman Leading the Partner for Couple Maternity Photoshoot

leading hand poses
Foundation Poses: Open (left) and Stacked (right)

Ask the expectant mother to lead her partner in a slow walk with the partner gazing lovingly over at the her. You can create a playful sequence of candid photos with a little guidance.  You can photograph the couple from the front or from the side.

Lying or Sitting Down Together

Create a cozy and intimate atmosphere in your maternity photoshoot by capturing the couple lying down or sitting down together. This maternity pose allows for relaxed interactions that look and feel natural and authentic.

sitting pose
Find a comfortable spot, whether it’s a cozy couch, a grassy field, or a scenic location, and capture moments of togetherness as the couple sits side by side or facing each other. Encourage the couple to talk with one another (while also softly smiling) and interact as they would without a camera present.

Holding the Sonogram or Name

name sign for couple maternity photoshoot ideas

Don’t forget relevant props in your list of couples maternity photoshoot ideas. Incorporate the sonogram of the baby into the photoshoot by capturing moments of both partners holding and admiring the image. This pose represents the excitement and anticipation as they visualize their unborn child.

couple maternity photoshoot ideas with medium and close-up angles and props
Foundation Pose: V-Up (with medium and close-up angles)

Doing the Couple Maternity Photoshoot at a Significant Location

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane by choosing a location with significance, such as the couple’s first date location, as the backdrop for the couples maternity photoshoot. After all, those special early moments likely contributed to the couple wanting to bring a baby into the world. As such, it’s easy to see how this idea can add a romantic and sentimental element to the maternity photoshoot, reminding them of where their love story began and how far they’ve come.

couple kissing under the trees
Foundation Pose: Closed

Similarly to the first date premise, if the couple has a shared school or university, consider incorporating it into the photoshoot. If neither of those options work out, perhaps they have a favorite place to visit or relax.

Incorporating the Couple’s Careers, Hobbies, or Other Interests

prop shirt for newborn
Foundation Pose: Open (featuring a prop)

Infuse the couple maternity photoshoot with personal touches by incorporating elements of their hobbies or careers. Whether it’s playing musical instruments, painting, cooking, or any other shared passion, these props and activities add storytelling and authenticity to the maternity photos.

Involving the Whole Family

couple maternity photoshoot ideas with family interaction and group posing
Foundation Pose: V-Up (adjusted with traditional group staggering)

Celebrate the expansion of the family by involving older children or family pets. Few people will hold as significant a place in the newborn’s life as its siblings. They’ll look back fondly at these pictures of their earliest days together.  However, you should also bring a relative or nanny to help watch and care for the older kids while their parents are taking their couples photos.

Doing Something Playful as a Family

couple maternity photoshoot ideas with family by the fountain

Take the couple maternity photoshoot to the next level by incorporating a playful activity that involves the entire family. Ask them to participate in a playful game, maybe blowing bubbles, or even having a mini picnic. Whatever you decide, make it a family affair. These playful shots not only create lasting memories but also showcase the happiness and laughter that surround the growing family.


A couple maternity photoshoot is an opportunity to document and celebrate the journey of pregnancy. That said, exploring a variety of poses and incorporating personal elements can create memorable images of this unique experience. The anticipation and excitement of becoming parents will give the couple plenty to work with for inspiration. They’ll just need your creative touch to capture it in photos. Remember, try to enjoy the process and do your best to ensure that your clients do, too .