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Maternity Photography Workshop

The A-Z Guide to Maternity photography

  • Refine Maternity & Family Posing 
  • Find & Create Perfect Light For Maternity Photos
  • 3.5 Hours of Education
  • HD Videos + Marketing Guide
  • Education & Instruction by Pye Jirsa



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every portrait photographer needs this workshop

Maternity photography is a beautiful, artistic celebration of life, motherhood, and family.  It opens up a new way to explore your creativity and a way to continue impacting the lives of your clients by documenting another major life event. 

Common Myths and Misconceptions

Photographers make up excuses NOT to offer maternity sessions ... Here are some of the most common ones:

"Maternity photography is for women only"

We've seen first hand that with the proper training, anyone can do maternity photography, regardless of gender, age or even prior photography experience.

"you can't make real money with maternity photos"

Add thousands of dollars to a photo business, either as a primary focus or an add on to current services. You're leaving money on the table if you don't!

"i can shoot couples so i can do maternity"

Maternity requires specialized knowledge.  In particular, an eye for posing and shaping the body with light, safety considerations, and time/ energy management of the family.

Refine Your Posing For Maternity Photography

Learn how to pose and shape the female body for flattering and beautiful maternity portraits.  

Find and Create The Perfect Light with confidence

Learn lighting for maternity photography.  We teach you how to find the best natural light and how to use flash for a more dramatic look.

Ditch Boring and STAND OUT with dynamic photos

We show you how we light and create composites for epic, flowing dress shots that will wow and attract clients!

Grasp Critical concepts in maternity photography

As you make your transition from portrait photography (weddings & engagements) to maternity photography, it can be difficult to understand the new set of circumstances that come with a new set of clientele. We will answer all of those questions to better prepare you for this new journey. 

What gear do you need?

See how simple gear that you most likely already own will yield extraordinary results!

when is the right time?

Learn the details of maternity photos, like when to shoot, how to plan, what to wear, & more.

what are The safety Rules?

Learn how to manage the energy of the mother-to-be and identify issues before they happen.

Bonus | maternity photography marketing guide

Learn How to Incorporate Maternity Into Your Photography Business

Learn 5 Strategies for Marketing

In our bonus ebook, we teach you 5 simple strategies for marketing your maternity photography.  We keep it short, sweet, and to-the-point with action steps and examples using our own business.


  • Incredible Maternity Photos No Matter Your Focus Or Experience
  • Goals For The Maternity Photography Workshop


  • Simple Gear, Extraordinary Results
  • Before Anything, Understand Your Clients Wants & Needs | The WAVE
  • Location And Wardrobe Selection
  • What You Should Bring On Maternity Shoots
  • Pre-Shoot Training For Assistants For Maternity Shoots


  • Rely On The Foundation Posing Framework
  • From The Feet Up: Recap Of Posing For Women
  • Using The Hips And Body Angles To Accentuate Curves
  • Incorporating The Hands To Accentuate The Belly


  • Live Teaching - Introduction
  • Start With The Family
  • Move To The Couple
  • Natural Light Couples Editorial Posing
  • Getting Low To Hide Unwanted Distractions
  • Male Solo Portraits
  • Must-Have Solo Images


  • Dramatic And Epic Maternity Images Designed To Get You Clients
  • Dramatic Couples Maternity Environmental Portrait With Dress Movement
  • Dramatic Couples Maternity Mid-Body Portrait With Dress Pull
  • Using Light To Draw Attention To Mom And The Baby


  • Alice And Peter | Maternity BTS
  • Divya And Rahul | Maternity BTS
  • Jackie And Ryan | Maternity BTS
  • Raquel And Alan | Maternity BTS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this workshop included in SLR Lounge Premium?

A: Yes, this workshop is included in our Premium catalog of workshops.