Finding Your Voice

“Everyone has a unique eye, everyone has a unique perspective, and it’s being able to find that voice and now being able to express that perspective.” – Caroline Tran

In our first interview, Caroline Tran joined us in our studio and gave us 3 tips on balancing work and life. In this interview, Caroline gives us three tips on how photographers can discover and highlight their own unique styles.

3 Tips On Differentiating Yourself From Other Photographers | Interview With Caroline Tran Part II

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Tip 1: Shoot a Lot, Find Your Style, and Be Consistent

“When I first started, I definitely was guilty of trying everything I saw…” – Caroline Tran

Experimenting with a multitude of photography styles enables you to choose what you prefer and dislike. Being a professional in a competitive market, it’s important to discover your own voice and expression so that you stand out among other photographers.


Early in her career, Caroline experimented by trying whatever style of photography that drew her. As time would pass, she began to distinguish herself by taking notice of her habits and the unique styles that drew her.

Tip 2: Know and Find Your Audience

Coming from a business background, one of the first things I learned was to build a business plan that includes thorough research and understanding on who the target audience is. When my partners and I started Lin and Jirsa Photography, we began creating images that we just thought were “cool.” Eventually, we discovered that there was an audience that agreed with our look and style.


Many photographers have begun their careers this way, including Caroline Tran. Once you discover your style, research your target audience and discover where and how to find them.

Tip 3: Maintain Consistency in Client Expectation, Service, and Overall Experience.

I once had a client reject me because I drove a crappy car. It was my first love, my high school and college car– a’94 Honda Accord. Rightly so– their mentality was, “if you’re going to charge us five thousand dollars for a service, you should be able to afford a better car.”


At some point in her developing profession, Caroline began to realize that she could no longer meet her potential clients at a local Starbucks. In order to distinguish yourself from other photographers, Caroline learned that she needed to maintain consistency not just in her products but also in the overall experience of the clients.

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