The temperatures are on the rise as we barrel through summer in the U.S. Many of us are possibly planning trips to a National Park for some R&R and maybe work on some personal shooting projects. National Parks are terrific places for photographers to get some images of wildlife and landscapes while hiking through mountain terrains, trekking through the wilderness and exploring the protected lands of our country.



If you are planning a vacation or a shooting adventure in one of the parks this year, here’s a great video from B&H to help you prepare for your trip. In the 51 minute video, Chris Nicholson talks about shooting in some of the country’s most famous parks – Acadia, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Olympic, Everglades and Great Smoky Mountains. He shares anecdotes about his own adventures, some of his breathtaking images and tips on how to research and prepare for shooting in these parks. This video is a great watch for those who are thinking about or planning a trip.

Personally, I am planning a camping trip for my daughter’s 10-year-old adventure (I begged her to choose Paris or Hawaii, but she wanted to camp…in tents…) to Yellowstone, so this video is timely. Since I’m in the research mode, I especially paid attention to around 18 minutes in when Nicholson takes about how he uses resources like Google news alerts, Google Earth, and Flickr to plan. He also talks about some of his favorite helpful websites to use.

Watch How to Prepare and Photograph in National Parks, with Chris Nicholson