What has been affecting professional photographers’ business, or lack thereof, in recent years and how things might be changing for the better in the not so distant future. Watch and listen to Joseph Cristina, a professional with two decades of experience, and then share your first-hand accounts with the community!

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Is The “Good Enough” Era Finally Over?

Joseph has been working as a professional photographer and educator since the late 90’s, so he’s got a unique perspective coming from the film days working all the way through the digital and now with the shift again into mobile technology. Having seen and worked through first hand, each change in the way things are done with the photography world. In this video Joseph discusses how he’s seen his business shift from larger long term clients cutting their jobs down by nearly half, and now, they’re starting to reach back out to bump those numbers back up.

Why? Well with the shift in technology, iPads and iPhones have made “event” photos and booths a lot easier and cheaper for businesses to “get by” and save some cash. Well now these events are getting more demanding and the businesses are noticing that the mobile and “easy” tech just can’t keep up anymore.

This and conversations like it are what has been causing a lot of professional photographers to go out of business, or at least have a LOT harder time keeping up at a competitive pace.

Joseph Cristina Why Pro Photographers are Going Out of business SLR Lounge
Joseph Cristina Why Pro Photographers are Going Out of business SLR Lounge

The good news is it seems like we are finally moving out of the “Good Enough Era” but, it’s not going to come without a fight. So what do you think? Do you think your businesses and clients start to come back to the table to hire you for your vision and gear? Will they shift more towards the cheaper and mobile tech? Let us know what you think in the comments below.