Not too long ago, the two main options when it came to professional photography were Canon or Nikon, but in today’s environment photographers have a host of other options to choose from including Fuji, Sony, and even Olympus. That said, while there are many other options when it comes to selecting a system, Canon and Nikon remain prevalent for wedding photography.

As a wedding photographer, a few of the main reasons I chose Nikon for the base of my system was: the rugged nature of their cameras, the third-party support and the access to Nikon’s excellent line of lenses; the latter I feel is the argument for choosing any system. Over the last year, I have forgone all of my Nikkor glass for the offerings of Tamron, my D750 still remains the workhorse of my kit.

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Nikon Wedding Kit

In a Mango Street-like fashion Phil and Sara of PS Photo Stuff quickly go over their equipment they why they chose to invest in a Canon-based system in their latest video. The duo also shares a few other things you may want to bring when shooting a 10+ hour wedding.

Canon Wedding Kit

Though some of the suggestions the duo share can be a bit facetious, it does point fun of some of the traditions that have become prevalent in some circles in an entertaining way.