Content marketing is one simple thing: talking about why you do what you do. When the goal is to be as relatable and resourceful as possible, chances are you are going to struggle to execute. We’ve done the struggling, brainstorming, and trial and error for you to create a framework that works for you without paying any additional money.

Last year, I started a TikTok experiment with a simple thought: “Knowing what I know about writing content, could I design a framework for creating consistently viral content, content that would organically promote whatever I wanted?”

241400557 10159170927635199 545158678915408614 nIn just over six months my TikTok experiment (@bornuncreative) had surpassed one million subscribers. I’ve now converted this into the @linandjirsa TikTok account. Best part. It’s not about trends, music choice, hashtags, gaming the system, or platform specifics. It’s just good content. Curious if my framework held up across platforms, I took it to my @pyejirsa account in March 2021. In a month, I went from 20,000 to nearly 200,000 followers.

241165541 10159170928035199 5489753994600746644 nI.C.E Method for Viral Content

We will walk you through a three-step process that allows you to

  • I: Identify – Every one of us has a reason for why all of our products/services are related and belong together. But each additional product/service adds layers of complexity to your message. It has nothing to do with your ability, everything to do with your message.
  • C: Create – What are the needs, questions, pain points of your target audience/persona? Once you clarify what questions they have, create content that provides solutions and answers.
  • E: Execute  – use apps to streamline your process and work directly from your smartphone to create content that is viral, educational, and entertaining.

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