Whether you’re recently engaged, or you’re a newer photographer trying to find a place to shoot. Either way, you’re in luck. Because Northwest Arkansas has a plethora of amazing locations to choose from. But to help you narrow things down a bit, below are our top 5 locations for engagement photos in Northwest Arkansas.

The University of Arkansas Campus

Not only does this location have sentimental value for a lot of couples, but it’s also just a beautiful location in general. So even if you have no emotional tie to the UofA campus, it is still worth considering. Located in Fayetteville Arkansas, the area gives you access to large open spaces filled with grass fields and large trees. Then a few steps away you can take advantage of the many styles of architecture throughout the campus. This ability to find nature style scenes along with an urban style without the need to travel is a huge bonus. But because the area is so amazing, you will almost always find other photographers shooting in the area. But thankfully the campus is large enough that there is usually no trouble to find your own spot to shoot.

Location: Fayetteville, AR 72701

Vinson Images Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photography 08
University of Arkansas Campus – Vinson Images

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges is similar to the University of Arkansas in the sense that it gives you access to both nature and urban backdrops. Located in Bentonville Arkansas, Crystal Bridges is one of the premier locations in Northwest Arkansas. They have miles upon miles of trails around the museum where you can stumble upon some very cool and unique sculptures to use in your images. Then once you are done with the nature scenery, the outside of the museum makes for some great areas to shoot. Also, make sure to check out the parking garage area. But if you have your heart set on shooting inside the museum, you’ll need to apply for a permit as well as pay a $500 fee.

Location: 600 Museum Way, Bentonville, AR 72712

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Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art – Vinson Images

Beaver Lake

This location is actually made up of a ton of different options because Beaver Lake is a very large body of water. It also has access points in a bunch of different cities from Springdale Arkansas all the way to Garfield Arkansas with tons of options between. But if you head to a marina, you are almost certain to find some great options to work with. One of our favorite options is the Horseshoe Bend Marina located in Rogers Arkansas. But once you get to the lake, you will have the option of water, woods, some docs to dip your toes into the lake, and lots more. Huge bonus if you have access to a boat and can take a fun sunset cruise. Having a boat will also get you access to some secluded coves as well as some natural rock formations. And for the super adventurous couples, you can even go cliff diving.

Location: 16168 AR-94, Rogers, AR 72758

Vinson Images Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photography 05
Beaver Lake – Vinson Images

Lake Atalanta / Downtown Rogers

These two are grouped together because they are so close in proximity and using both locations will give you access to that nature and urban mix most couples want. Lake Atalanta features some large open grass areas as well as a nice trail that goes around the lake. There is even a section of trail on the north end of the lake that gets you up above the water and supplies you with a nice overlook of the lake.

Location (Lake Atalanta): Rogers, AR 72756

Vinson Images Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photography 04
Lake Atalanta – Vinson Images

Once you are done with the lake, you can make your way to Downtown Rogers. Filled with old style brick buildings as well as some buildings with that remodeled modern vibe, you will have lots to choose from. But make sure to check out the alleyway just off the main road to use the long and beautiful set of string lights. You’ll just want to make sure you are there around sunset or a little after to take full advantage of them.

Location (Downtown Rogers): Walnut Street between First and Third Streets
Rogers, AR 72756

Vinson Images Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photography 07
Downtown Rogers – Vinson Images

Your Wedding Venue

Most people don’t realize this, but a lot of wedding venues give you free access to their property to use for engagement photos. And since you more than likely choose your wedding venue because you love the look and feel of it, it makes sense that you would also love the look and feel of it for your engagement image. On our list of best wedding venues in Arkansas, a few that stand out for us are The Walton Arts Center, Osage House, The Ravington, and Sassafras Springs Vineyard.

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Image by Vinson Images

Bonus – Do an Activity

This one isn’t necessarily a location, but if you are the type of couple that cringes at the thought of posing in front of a camera, you may have more fun if you do some type of activity. We love when couples do this because it turns the session into something that is more in line with the way we would photograph your wedding. When you do an activity, and concentrate on being in that moment, the idea of us taking images will fade to the back of your mind. What you will be left with is time spent with your loved one as well as amazing images to help you remember that time. An example of some activities you can do are play a board game in the park, have a picnic, play a sport, or even just go on a hike. The list is endless. And the great thing is that you can incorporate activities into almost any location.

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Image by Vinson Images

Want more?

We hope this list of locations has given you some insight into the many areas you can use for your engagement photos. But if you want more, make sure to check our list of best engagement photo locations in Northwest Arkansas and surrounding area.