There is a theory out there, that it “doesn’t take expensive professional photography equipment to take great photos.” For those of you that have seen the FStoppers iPhone Photo Shoot, they show just that, taking great professional-looking images on an iPhone 3GS.

We wanted to add upon what they have already done and go one step further in proving this theory. So, we did an iPhone Photo Shoot tribute to the FStoppers.

But, for this photo shoot we have set some ground rules:

The Rules

1) iPhone Camera Only – We are not using any additional apps or functions other than the iPhone Camera that comes standard with each phone.

2) Accessories < $30 – We are limiting all additional photographic accessories to less than $30 each, and less than $100 in total for the entire shoot.

3) Non-Professional Model – We are using our lighting assistant and friend Yoko as our model. While she is beautiful, she doesn’t have any prior modeling experience.

4) Harsh Daytime Lighting – We rescheduled this shoot to ensure that we didn’t have any nice, photography-friendly overcast skies. We wanted to shoot in direct harsh sunlight so we can prove that this is possible regardless of the weather.

So, enjoy the video guys, and be sure to let us know what you think! To see all of the original and edited shots from this shoot. Please check out the photos on our Facebook page at

SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot

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[Reminder: To learn more about using a reflector, posing and lighting, be sure to see our Natural Light Couples Photography DVD]





For those of you who prefer Vimeo:

iPhone Fashion Photography Shoot by SLR Lounge from SLR Lounge on Vimeo.

FStoppers iPhone Photo Shoot

For those of you interested in the original “The iPhone Fashion Shoot,” by Lee Morris and Patrick Hall of the Fstoppers, we’ve included the video below as well.