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Tips & Tricks
Gels can be very useful in correcting color in your image or adding a creative effect. We show you how in the following video.
Open-Closed-Aperture by SLR Lounge
Tips & Tricks
Matt Granger explores just how fast a lens is possible, in theory, and then commentary on the implications for function and practicality.
By now we all already know that the A7s is an absolute low light beast. One so good no other camera can really touch it. This video, produced by...
We have been saying it was coming, and true to form, Zeiss announced their latest addition to the Otus line this morning, the 85mm F/1.4...
Gear Rumors
Yesterday, told you that rumors had confirmed that Zeiss would be announcing their new 85mm F/1.4 Otus at Photokina later this month. Today, the...
Gear & Apps
When you are looking for a new lens, what are the things you think about? Sigma, Tamron and Canon weigh in.
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