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Gear & Apps Here's The Best Camera of 2018 (And Other Awards) According to EISA
By Holly Roa on August 19, 2018
Getting to spend time with a new Hasselblad is a pretty good reason to get up in the morning, and I’ve had many...

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News & Insight Hasselblad X1D Now Costs Less Than A Nikon D5
By Kishore Sawh on June 4, 2018
Hasselblad is more compelling than ever
Inspiration Why You Should Pay Attention To Phase One’s New Industrial Camera | ‘Trickle Down’ & Next Gen MF
By Kishore Sawh on May 3, 2018
You have no need for it, but you'll want what it may spawn.
News & Insight Hasselblad Launches A Brand Store & Experience Studio in NYC
By Kishore Sawh on February 8, 2018
Ever wanted to shoot with and spend time with a Hassy? Here's your chance.
News & Insight Hasselblad X1D | Hassy Launches ‘Rent A Hasselblad’
By Kishore Sawh on November 16, 2017
Get your hands on one.
News & Insight Hasselblad X1D Now Highest Rated Camera On DxO Mark | Score: 102
By Kishore Sawh on October 26, 2017
Who is really surprised?
News & Insight Pentax 645Z On Sale | Medium Format For $1k Less Than A Nikon D5
By Kishore Sawh on October 9, 2017
Want to shoot medium format? This is about the least expensive way to do it.
News & Insight Hasselblad X1D Gets Major Update | Electronic Shutter & Resizable AutoFocus Points
By Kishore Sawh on August 26, 2017
This is a major boon to the X1D and makes it all the more versatile.
News & Insight DJI Now Majority Shareholder Of Hasselblad | What Does That Mean?
By Bing Putney on January 6, 2017
In what could prove to be a significant move, DJI, a Chinese company most well known...
Inspiration Fujifilm GFX Price Leaked? Suggests $6-7,000 For Body Only
By Kishore Sawh on October 12, 2016
2016 has shaped up to be the year medium format becomes ‘accessible’, with...
Inspiration Comparing The Fujifilm GFX 50S To The Hasselblad X1D | At First Glance
By Marlon Richardson on September 21, 2016
In a way-too-early comparison between the newest medium-format kids on the block, we...